Powder Rooms – What are they and How to Style Your Home

The name “Powder Room” is not a well-known term in Asia, but in the west, it is what is used to describe a half-bath(room) which is essentially a room that consists of a sink and toilet but not a shower or bathtub. If you were to break it down (for the sake of knowledge) a three-quarter bath is what is used to describe a room that includes a shower along with the sink and toilet, and a full bath includes a sink, toilet, bathtub and a showerhead over it. The primary use of powder rooms is usually for the exclusive use of guests where a shower or bath would generally not be needed but for the purpose of what is politely called the need to “powder one’s nose”.

If we were to break it down and explain the concept of powder rooms, what they are and how to style your home to feature the likes of a powder room, if you have a small space in your home that is unused but is somewhat larger than a closet, you can easily convert it to a powder room. Usually, a powder room is located for convenient access to guests and often does not necessarily need to have a window. The fact that this room will almost always be reserved for use by guests, you are able to design it any way you like without the need for it to match the aesthetic of the rest of your home.

Some ways in which you can truly make your powder room shine is with the choice of colour, pattern and accessories you choose. With powder rooms, you can easily create bold statements; you need not follow the aesthetic of the rest of your home. Some of the ways in which you can style your home’s powder room is with the likes of the following style options.

  1. Choosing bold patterned tiles
  2. Open concept plans for shelving/storage
  3. Add a statement accessory such as a pendant light or bold sink
  4. Choose a sculptural mirror
  5. Mosaic tiling for the walls
  6. Floor to ceiling tiling
  7. Opting for gold accents
  8. Adding rusting touches
  9. Opt for contrast and dark hues
  10. Incorporate farm styles

If you opt to keep these styling choices for powder rooms in mind, the way you style your home will be right on trend with popular powder rooms the world over.

Image: HeardHome, Knotting Hill Interiors/Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles, Pinterest

Monochrome Mania – Black and White Bathroom Styles

In our previous blog post, we brought to you the concept of Powder Rooms and how you can make it stand out when styling your home. The fact of the matter is, that if you want to invest in your home, there are some rooms that will add to the value by means of the fittings and furnishing you add on. So forth, the likes of bathroom would be one such way whilst the other would be kitchen assets. Having said so, in this blog post, we look at how black and white bathroom styles, as monochrome mania is one of the most favoured and classic means of colour choices and styles where you cannot go wrong.

The advantage of using monochrome or black and white bathroom styles is the fact that it will go with any aesthetic that provided you wanted to change the colour themes of the rest of the house. We have put together some great monochrome mania inspirations for black and white bathroom styles for your reference. Let us know what you like the best!



Simple yet Ornate

Whilst the walls and floor of this black and white bathroom are simplistic, the window trims and the claw foot bathroom tub adds a sense of finesse to the aesthetic.

Another way of adding to the simplistic look would be with flashy trims, such as gold hued fittings.

White with a hint of Black

It’s a well-known secret in the interior design scene in Sri Lanka (and the world over) that white can easily be used to make a room look bigger and brighter. And this black and white bathroom inspiration has done just that. With the white marble tiles that showcase hints of black veining, and the statement tub in the middle of the bathroom, it’s a welcoming sight of luxury and relaxation.

This black and white bathroom really speaks out in terms of its white finish and is crisp in its total aesthetic. The great thing about this inspiration is that some might consider it a great blank canvas to add your own accents and accessories to make it your own.

Statement Patterns

For the love of patterns, this beautiful black and white bathroom style inspiration is truly something for those who are bit adventurous. Whilst some may say that the pattern looks busy, it truly stands out. If you are not keen on the pattern repeating throughout the floor and walls, a welcome reproach would be to stick to just the floor tiles for the pattern and a simple subway tile for the walls.


Art Deco

Add a sense of majesty to your love of monochromatic style as you fuse    black and white marble with gold accents. One of the more high-end black and white bathroom styles, and one that is definitely a grate choice for a master bathroom en-suite.

Image Credit: Douglas Friedman, DigsDigs, ELLE Decor

Corporate Office Design Project on a Budget

If you are looking to do a corporate office design, may it be for a brand new building or renovating an es existing space to fit the look and feel of a high-end office but you have a budget to stick to, we have a few ideas up our sleeves. Keep reading to stay on track without breaking the bank.

Start with the Blank Canvas

Knowing the space and area you have to work with, you will be able to get an idea with how you want to design the interior of your corporate office. In a high-end corporate office design, you usually tend to order the desks and cupboard to suit the look and feel of the available space. However, since this will be a corporate office design project on a budget, you need to keep the custom pieces in check, In such cases, you are better off choosing the likes of modular office furniture such as those made available by RM Perera. The readymade furniture is modular, which means that there are certain furniture pieces that can be mixed and matched to fit the space available or the need of your corporate office design.


The following choices of ready-made furniture by the RM Perera Modular Office Collection can make for a budget friendly addition to corporate office design project without breaking the bank.


Declutter and Organise

With the modular office furniture in use, you can also put decluttering furniture hardware accessories to use along with easy organizational practices.  One of the ways in which you can declutter/organize is first and foremost by hiding the many cords/wires that will be used. Wires and cords from computers and even lighting fittings may be something that any corporate office design projects will have to deal with but one that is easily handled with the help of cord baskets, cord covers and casings (especially for walls) that can easily be sourced for you by your corporate interior designers. In Sri Lanka, RM Perera is one of the best turnkey interior design solutions providers and ensure that you have a hassle free corporate office design project on a budget without any hassle.

Make it Green

One of the best ways to make your corporate office design look grand would be with some statement indoor plants.  Fiddleleaf or Benjamina figs, snake plants and certain varieties of plants are very popular for corporate office designs.

CRIB Corporate Office Design in Sri Lanka by RM Perera

Spruce it Up with Art

Often, corporate offices tend to display art that can often be worth quite a pretty penny. However, if you are on a budget and you still want to ensure that your corporate office design project looks stellar, one of the easiest ways is to search the web for art that is available under the Creative Commons license which allows you to download and print your very own pieces at almost no or fraction of the cost that you would have to pay if you got your art at a gallery.


Tips on How to Get the Best Kitchen Design in your Home Renovation

A kitchen is often referred to the heart of a house, and more often than not, it is one of the spaces in a home that is renovated to ensure a number of factors; such as functionality, trend, and also as a way of adding value to your home. Today, we look at a few tips on how to get the best kitchen design in your home renovation from your trusted residential interior designer, decorators and renovators in Sri Lanka, RM Perera.

Wish List for the Best Kitchen Design

Over the years, your requirements may differ or develop from what it was five years back. If you are a first home owner and this is a home renovation of an existing house, then you are able to start from scratch. In the event, you have outgrown your current kitchen design and are looking to renovate your home and your kitchen to suit your new needs, then you can make amendments to get the best kitchen design possible.

Starting out with a list of requirements is a great way to embark on your home renovation for the best kitchen design yet. Think about placement of kitchen cabinetry and design, choosing open shelving concepts over overhead cabinetry, kitchen island over kitchen table, sinks, new appliances and more. By listing out your home kitchen renovation wish list, you can choose to prioritize and assign your home renovation budget accordingly.

Plan Out Your Design

Getting a basic plan or draft done can do wonders to envision your space and make a decision. There are many free apps that allow you to get an idea of what you want in your new home kitchen renovation. RM Perera Sri Lanka can help you with getting a design done to help you envision your space for your home renovation, and how best to plan out the best kitchen design to meet your requirements and wish list.

Best Kitchen Design Trends

There are many ways in which you can get on the best kitchen design trends with the help of new kitchen appliances and gadgets that go a long way in not only making your home life easier but also adding cash value to your kitchen and home which is indeed an investment.

Think of adding appliances such as inbuilt ovens, hidden electrical plugs for the kitchen island, an island sink, hidden extra workspace on wheels, retractable shelves (so you need not use a ladder to get to the top most shelve in your kitchen cabinet), extendable kitchen hose, and more.

Image Credits: The Kitchen Design Centre