Set your Corporate Interior Design apart with Bookshelves and Bookcases

The corporate world, whilst predominately lies safely within the neutrals of blacks, whites, grays and beiges. However, you will find that there are many rooms within corporate interior design that requires warmth, colour and life to invite more prosperity. Having said this, we look at how you can transform specific rooms in your corporate office design to turn items into conversation and statement pieces whilst also delivering on functionality. We look at the likes of bookshelves, bookcases, and not forgetting wall storage to look for ways on how to set your corporate interior design apart with a little help from RM Perera, your trusted providers in interior design solutions in Sri Lanka.


Take away cubicle life and consider lining your walls with bookshelves and including sideboards as separators in the middle of your room. If you are considering bookshelves, be inspired by the following bookshelf with its green materials and simplistic corporate interior design.



An ideal choice for areas with high traffic or even in the likes of a director’s or senior manager rooms, the likes of the following bookcase design inspiration for a corporate interior design would be ideal. It brings warmth along with due storage measure, especially to someone who appreciates reading.



Wall Storage

If you are after wall storage, then choose RM Perera’s Modular Collection of corporate interior design furniture solutions to mix and match the cupboard choices to fit your office interior.

How a Bedroom Headboard can Change your Overall Bedroom Design

Designing a bedroom that is classic and will grow with you as you grow involves choosing statement bedroom pieces that can evolve as your personal design choices evolve.  We look at how a bedroom headboard can change your overall bedroom design.

Featuring a headboard in your bedroom design makes it a statement feature which will instantly elevate the look of your bedroom. There are many looks you can opt for, from the shape, the material chosen, the hardware and style, your room can be transformed into your own oasis. Let’s look at some design inspirations curated by RM Perera, to showcase how a bedroom headboard can change your overall bedroom design. From simplistic styles, to upcycled backings and unique materials and resources, we can be inspired by many looks to create the ideal headboard of your dreams.


Simple Headboard

If your bed comes with a base, then creating a base frame attached to a headboard can feature a cohesive look.  Using upholstery that is simplistic can be an ideal finish. This look is ideal if you are choosing this type of upholstery fabric to be used in other features of the room such as with the ottoman or a seating corner.

If you are not too keen on a fabric, then opt for leather for a masculine finish to your bedroom. Pair it with warmer shades on the wall contrasted with darker undertones.

Detailed Headboards

Whilst a plain headboard is great for a contemporary and modern look, adding tufting it would  be a great way to add a touch of feminine elegance to your bedroom. Pairing an upholstered headboard with the likes of a Wingback can elevate the elegance even further. Adding trims such as diamond tufting and/or with nailheads. Sleigh beds are great for such choices.

Functional Headboards

These types of headboard offer more functionality than just being a headboard, with hidden storage, shelving and more.  You can also incorporate a canopy to feature a regal like finish to your bedroom.


Upcycled Headboards

The use of recyclable items such as room screens can be a great choice of headboard. You can even utilise and repurpose old doors, windoors and even mirrors as headboard for a truly unique look to your bedroom design.


RM Perera, as your local interior designer and furniture designer, our in-house team can create these looks with ease. Speak to our interior design specialists to design something that will be perfect for your bedroom design!

What Makes a Dining Room Perfect

There are many a style that has evolved over the centuries, inspired by travels and different types of climate, wood and more. When it comes to styling your dining room, the choice of table, not to mention choosing the perfect dining room chair style goes a long way. For many of us, we see things from two periods in time, those that are modern and those that are of a traditional styling. But really, there is more to that, and choosing the perfect dining room chair style means that we will do our part in helping you with your task of choosing the prefect dining room chair style to make your room complete.

First off, let’s start with the basics. There are several components to a dining room chair. There’s the purpose of design, there the material it is made out of, there is the material that the seat is made out of, and there are the different styles of chairs.

The Dining Room Table

The dining room table can be defined by its shape and material. Whilst wood and metal are obvious choices, plastic has also made  its way into the circuit. The following are some examples of  dining room table styles.

The Dining Room Chair Style

In our previous blog, we went through the different types of popular dining room chairs you can choose from. You can read about it here – Choosing the Perfect Dining Room Chair Style. The materials used for your dining room chair can be anything for the base (frame material) and the upholstery. Wood and metal are the two most popular choices for the base and in more recent times plastic has too been a contender. Cloth/fabric, leather, and/or wicker can be used for the upholstery or seat material.


The choice of dining room chair materials can truly transform the room. Mixing different types of materials of the dining room table and the dining room chairs can bring about a contemporary look. The following are some ways in which you can style the table and chairs to make your dining room perfect. Pair different elements of chairs and table for a great look.


Choosing the Perfect Dining Room Chair Style

 Arm Chairs

An arm chair is the perfect dining room chair style for either end of a rectangular dining table. This type of dining room chair add depth not to mention a formal aesthetic and can have different type of chair backing such as upholstered to lattice. The main characteristic of a arm chair dining chair is the fact that it has arm rests.

Side Chairs

A side chair is easily defined; they are chairs used for either length of the dining room table and usually do not have arms.

Parsons Chairs

Named after the Parsons School of Design, the characteristic of this type of chair are the clean wooden legs paired with a fully upholstered finish in a variety of material choices.

Wingback Chairs

Wingback chairs have a cosy finish with its backrest style that includes “wings” and curved upholstered fabric silhouette.

Ladder Back Chairs

A ladder back chair features a ladder like backrest which creates an airy aesthetic and a traditional dining room chair style.  The horizontal wood can be curved or flat-edge based on the look you are after, traditional or contemporary.

Slat Back Chairs

Slat back chairs are similar to that of a ladder back, however with the one distinction that they are vertical as opposed to its sister design.

Queen Ann Chairs

Queen Ann chairs are wooden with an intricate design on the backrest and take after the 18th century style during Queen Ann’s era which features cabriole legs, carved detailing with an upholstered cushion seat

Windsor Chairs

Windsor chairs have been inspired by early English design and architecture, with its circle backing with vertical supports/slats and spindle legs. It exudes a sense of vintage charm.

Cross Back Chairs

Cross back chairs are very much similar to those of Slat Back chairs, with the main difference being the cross design on the backrest and is considered a standard choice when looking for the perfect dining room chair style.

Lattice Back Chairs

Lattice back chairs are very much similar to those of Slat Back and Cross back chairs, with the main difference being the design on the backrest.

Splat Chairs

Splat chairs refers to the look of the backrest, which refers one slat done the middle of curved back that splits left and right down the middle. These splat chairs are used throughout history and can be dressed up with intricate designs added on to it.