Sri Lankan Classic Interior Design Styles Explained

They say that the classics never go out of style, and that is the truth in many cases, be it fashion or interior design. When it comes to classic interior design styles in Sri Lanka, we tend to look at our heritage as well as influences. We look at prestigious architects that have made an impact in Sri Lanka, as well a look at other influences of classic designs that have made an impact on how interior design is styled to inspire you on your journey to find the right interior design styles that suits your personality the best.

Bawaism Interior Design Styles

Bawa’s interior design style and architectural style orbited around the concept of Tropical Modernism, which come to think of it, is a beautiful blend between humans and nature. The concept is that whilst including elements of openness and sunlight, you can include plants and trees into the design. Fusing together many design inspirations, from the East and West, as well as traditional and modern designs, it evokes a sense of style that is exotic but welcoming. Many a home and boutique hotels have taken to instil Sri Lankan classic interior design styles that have been inspired by Bawa’s tropical modernism spin.

Colonial Rule Inspired Interior Design Styles

Sri Lanka, home to many inspirations, was under rule of the Portuguese, the Dutch and lastly, the British. Most colonial homes and/or boutique hotels feature white walls, with dark stained wood finishes, intricate lattice window frames, and antique furniture coupled with plush upholstery. The colour palette sways towards minimalism, with dark or light tones, and you may find brass or copper décor items greatly used, especially in the case of using them as planters.

Sleek Contemporary Interior Design Styles

Instilling sleek design and lines, with bold colours, you will find contemporary design is also greatly appreciated in sunny Sri Lanka. Steel beams meshed with expanse glass windows, there are many ways in which modern and contemporary interior design styles have been done. Find your inspiration on elements, and fuse them together without overcrowding a space. Playful and bold art, statement light fixtures and furniture speaks volumes in terms of design styles that have a contemporary flair. If you are not a fan of bold and bright colours, but love a good contemporary style, then look for styling such as with gallery walls, floor to ceiling bookshelves that resonate with the look of a New York townhouse design! The fact of the matter is, if you were to go through each of these classic interior design styles, you would notice that there is a common denominator. It’s the fact that it is elegant, it is thoughtful and it is that it tastefully done!

Crafted Modernism and How To do it

What is known as craft modern design is essentially the trend that followed World War II in America, with the creation or craft of items using mediums such as clay, metal, fiber, jewelry and glass. What is also known as the studio craft movement, it also involved the expression of cultural identity, international influences and artistic innovation through the art being crafted. However, crafted modernism, in the words of Nil Finnes of FINNE Architects, terms it as the use of “a high level of craftsmanship and thoughtful design throughout a house, creating permanent fixtures that will stand the test of time and passing fashions”.

The basis of the concept of crafted modernism is the creation of project-specific items for a home, be it light fixtures to built-in furniture. Items such as custom built stairway handrail that has been made based on the type of wood, the ideals and likes of the home owners, and the concept of the home build. Those factors should be considered when opting for a crafted modernism home.

Whether it is a customized handrail that offers a sensory experience, open risers for more light, an offset pivot door as your main entry for statement entrance, a cantilevered room above the porch for shade as well as to offer an added outdoor space, the specific purposes and uses of these design elements give meaning to crafted modernism. Its duality offers depth to the design. Your crafted modernism, may serve a purpose as well as adding to the design.

Rooflines are others in which Nil Finnes add to architectural dimensions that allows for spaces to be sculpted or shaped. It can be used to add drama as well as accommodate for light and ventilation based on how you design it especially with the use of high clerestories.

 Crafted modernism is also about materials and texture. If you are opting for something special, then choosing the right materials and textures, that serves dual purposes of functionality and aesthetics. Choosing woods and metals and bricks and glass to bring character into an architectural design is what crafted modernism is all about. 

This can be applied to the interior and exteriors of a modern home, or even each room, whether you take each one individually or flow from one to the other connecting each by an element found in the adjoining room. You find ways of adding to a piece of furniture, how complimenting design fixture can serve dual means. You are creating through design. Crafted modernism is all about the future, how modernity, minimalism, sustainability and functionality will play a role in architecture and homeownership.

How would you implement crafted modernism in your home build? Speak to RM Perera to discuss your home construction and interior design project for 2020!

The Best Chair Solutions for your Interior Design Project

If you work behind a desk all day, it is important that your chair is comfortable and also ergonomic. Employers are making changes and looking for the best chair solutions as part of human resources policies to ensure the health and morale of their employees are at the top to ensure efficiencies. Thus, you ask what are the best chair solutions for your interior design project. Keep reading to find out!

One of the best chairs solutions for your office interior design project should have certain characteristics to make it ergonomic and comfortable. The best chair solutions for your office should have features such as the following;

  • Adjustable armrests
  • Adjustable seat (forwards, backwards and angle tilt)
  • Adjustable height
  • Adjustable lumbar support

It’s no secret that the best type of office chair brand is Herman Miller for their ability to cater to all these factors and makes great ergonomic and comfortable office chairs. If you are choosing other brands of office chairs, make sure to select the best chair solutions that cater to the above characteristics.

What about living room chairs? If you are looking for ergonomic and comfortable choices of sofas, recliners and living room chairs. An ideal living room chair should be comfortable with lumbar support as well as ideal choice of fabric to match the climate. Having footrests or ottomans for proper support can also help in comfort especially if you have reclining chairs, which allows for you spine to be properly supported. In such reclining chairs, proper back and neck support is essential and having cushioning and padding to help in finding the perfect level of comfort is much needed.

The best chair solutions for your dining room will require a different set of features that need to be catered to for lumbar support. Features such as curved backrests, contoured seats and thick cushioning are some factors to consider selecting the right height and width is important.

At the end of the day, choosing the best chair solutions for your interior design project, be it the office, living room or dining room, there are several criteria to be met based on the room and purpose at hand.

One thing for sure, posture and lumbar support is the most important along with comfort. Thus, keep these in mind! When designing a space and choosing the furniture, you take into account the furniture needed, the equipment and the environment at hand. You take into consideration the activities and posture that one will have to ensure that their well-being is taken care of. this in tun will let you know whether you have chosen the best chair solutions for your interior design project.

Image Credits: Staples,Homelane, klein design

Let RM Perera and our interior designers help you with your search for the best chair solutions for your interior design project!

How Tile Plays a Role in Interior Design

Tile is vastly used the world over, whether in a bathroom, kitchen or even the floor of your entire home  it’s an interior design element that the world has grown accustomed to. They are even made with different materials. From ceramic, porcelain, glass, cement, marble, mosaic, granite, limestone, travertine, quarry, metal and resin tiles, there are many to choose from. You are able to bring in colour and patterns, as well as texture to these places with ease. However, what if you were to change up some of their practices or even look at different ways in which to highlight them. Here are some great ways to bring tile into interior design elements to spark conversation.

Add a note of exotica to your stairway with stair rises in contrasting or complimentary patterns.

Another option for the stairway itself would be to opt for textured but plain tiles for the stairway risers.

Frame your shower in a special way with a beautiful tile pattern or design in mind.

Alternatively, if you have yourself a powder room, then why not try something like this?

What about a beautiful mosaic tile sink to wow your guests?

You can also work on your bathroom vanity, to make a statement!

Tiled counters are also great ways in drawing your eyes to a certain area. How about using these for your interior design

What about a mosaic tiles corridor floor to highlight this passage as a great entryway feature

Perhaps accenting your flower beds to make them function as a bench, with these beautiful tile designs would make for some great design accent.

Choose an interior design accent wall using tile such as this for your interior garden design.

What would you pick when opting to choose tile in playing a role in interior design for your home? Let us know, and get RM Perera to help bring the design together!

Statement Bathroom Mirror Designs that Sparks Conversations

When you complete your bathroom design, the final additions truly bring the aesthetic full circle. Make you mark in the bathroom with the help of statement bathroom mirror designs that will wow your guests! Here are some great ideas that we at RM Perera (Pvt) Ltd can help you with. Use these images as inspiration for your bathroom mirror designs and let us know how we can help you!

Ornate Bathroom Mirror Designs

Bold Bathroom Mirror Designs

Novelty Bathroom Mirror Designs

Items such as porthole mirror or barn-door mirror are great statement pieces that wil definitely spark conversation!

Modern Bathroom Mirror Designs

Integrated faucet bathroom mirror designs to are ideal as they are functional. What you need to watch out for is to ensure that the faucet and sink line up correctly.

Give us a shout with your requirement! All we need is a picture, the dimensions you need, the type of wood and stain/paint you will, and we will turnover a beautiful piece for your bathroom mirror!

How to Design a Bathroom That is Easy to Clean

One of the predicaments we all come across is cleaning, and how often and how well. What if you simply started off by figuring out how to design a bathroom that makes the job of cleaning easier? With a little forward thinking, you may be able to design a bathroom that has the aesthetics that you want but is also easy to clean! In this blog post, we look at ways in which you can combat certain elements by planning ahead.

Fight the Mould

One of the worst things that can happen in a bathroom is the development of mould. It’s mostly found when the bathroom is wet and has no ventilation. Its always best to prevent the mould from growing and how you do this is by adding ventilation & circulation, as well as a bit of sunlight into the mix. Ensure that your bathroom has a window with sunlight coming in, and add in for ventilation fan as well. Choose an inline fan model for your ventilation fan.  Including this when you design a bathroom can make a great change.

Tiling your Walls

By tiling your walls to a certain height, you can avoid time repainting painted walls that will need repainting. Opt for a tiled finish when you design a bathroom rather than the likes of a painted of wallpaper finish as washing off grime from tile is much easier than having to repaint or wallpaper. Particularly, in areas which may be touched or brushed against the most, possibly near the sink, next to towel hangers or the light switches.

Install Waste Traps

Ensuring that you have waste traps on your sinks, tub, shower area and  floor will help catch dirt that would end up going down the drain and clogging it; making it a hassle on a later day. Including this when you design a bathroom will save you later on.

Opt for Wall Hung Fixtures

If you are able to, opt for wall-hung toilet and sink fixture to allow accessibility on the floor when cleaning.

Opt for Easy Case Flooring

Keep features practical, especially when it comes to flooring. Opt out of textured porcelain tiles. Opt for terrazzo or polished tiles.

Free Surface Areas

Another rule of thumb is to avoid clutter and keep surface areas relatively free. Opt for storage spaces so that everything has its own space.

Hinged Shower Door

You may find that shower doors/panels get wet often thus cleaning is a constant to avoid limescale building/mould. Opt for a hinged door rather than one that is sliding or bifold to avoid spaces that water can get trapped in.

Choosing Sinks for Interior Design

When attempting to put a value on a home in terms of real estate value, they tend to look at the likes of kitchens and bathrooms; this is because they tend to be the rooms in a home that requires much of the investment in property value. Things like choosing proper cabinetry, appliances, fittings, and tiles are much pondered about. But what about the likes of sinks and how they make a statement in any kitchen or bathroom. In this blog, we look at choosing sinks for interior design styles for a kitchen and bathroom.

When it comes to making a statement in your homes, there are many ways you can elevate your home interior design. One way to do this is by being smart when choosing sinks that are hardy and durable. Most often than not, trends tend to come back around, thus investing in some solid pieces in terms of interior design will be a true investment and as with proper care their value will not depreciate over time. We have put together some choice styles for you to consider when choosing sinks when you interior design your kitchen or bathroom.

Choosing Sinks for your Bathroom

When it comes to choosing your bathroom sink, there are many ways about it. You can choose a single sink or a dual sink. Some also look at the material and finish, with many choosing sinks with a natural finish such as marble or those that go for a matte black paint.   Floating sinks have also become trendy lately, but if you are looking for something solid and sustainable for years to come that will add value, then choosing a timeless piece would be the best approach.  Pedestal sinks, vanity sinks and countertop sinks are trusty choices that have long been staples in homes.

Pedestal Sinks

Countertop Sinks

Vanity Sinks

Whilst there are many bathroom designs that feature the likes of top mount or under mount sinks, the choice of opting for a countertop over the likes of a cabinet may be a more timeless approach.

Choosing Sinks for your Kitchen

There have been many styles that are available in the market. They vary based on materials such as stainless steel, aluminium, copper, granite composites, cast iron and fire clay with porcelain enamel finishes, and also based on the style such as single or double bowls, farmhouse (apron front), top mount, and under mount. Here are the choices at hand.

Farmhouse Sinks

Copper Sinks

Cast Iron with Porcelain Enamel

Stainless Steel Sinks

Whilst there are many popular styles for choosing sinks, the farmhouse sink has been a contender for many years known to improve the value of a house. Whilst you opt for a farmhouse sink, you are able to broaden your choice for materials be it cast iron with porcelain enamel, concrete or stainless steel. You can elevate the worth of the kitchen sink by also adding sink accessories such as a flexible sink hose and also a mesh tray insert.

How Art Placement in Design Matters

When interior designing your space, adding the final touches to your room(s) will elevate the look and one way to do it is with choice of artworks and the art placement too. Art can be considered a variety of elements used to decorate a space. Different types of art for interior design can include paintings and sculptures. In this blog post, we look at how art placement design matters when finishing up interior design for a space.

Art placement design looks into how art should be placed, in terms of framed paintings and photographs. Such artwork should be placed with proper alignments and spacing from furniture. Lets look at some rules for art placement design.

Over Furniture Art Placement Design

When hanging artwork over/above furniture, the ideal art placement position should be 6 to 8 inches above the furniture. In the event you are positioning artwork over the likes of a chest of drawers, a bureau or console table, its best to place the artwork closer to the furniture so its grounded and flows together rather than it looking disconnected.

You should also keep in mind that the artwork size should be two thirds of the size of the furniture width. This is so that the artwork in relation to the furniture it is placed over, looks balanced.

Art Placement Design for Bare Walls

Placing art on walls when unaccompanied by furniture leaning against it should be done to accommodate the height of an average woman. Thus, the rule of thumb for art placement design concerning bare walls includes placing the artwork approximately 57 to 60 inches from the ground from the center of the artwork.

Art Placement Design and Galleries

If you are working with several pictures in a grouping, then the art placement design should be 3 to 4 inches apart from one another so that it’s easier to see the group together.

Get in touch with the RM Perera Interior Design team to help you decorate your space with art placement design in mind.

Image Credits: AJI UK, Anna Hackathron, Frances Sloan

Best Interior Inspiration Instagram Accounts this Year | The 2019 Edition

Halfway through the year, we’ve amassed some great trends and seen truly spectacular examples of interior design.  There are many places to draw inspiration at the click of a button, but we have put together a few curated places for you to have a look at. These are the best interior inspiration Instagram accounts this year.


Very jungle vibes and free approach to interior design, she enjoys bring the out in and adding vibrant pops of colour.


A lover of neutrals and pastels with hints of glimmer will not able to look away. White rooms with pops and hints of colour are her design niche and one that she does well.


Pairing pastels with elegant and sophisticated detaiking has garner her a name as an interior inspiration. Find what your dream house could look like sifting through her photos.


With little injections of old world charm to elegance with a touch of comfort, you can be inspired to add your own with a Sri Lanka influence via gorgeous antiques.


Meshing old and new, there is a sense of effortless chicness in her interior design vibe.


If you are looking to interior design a huge house, then this Instagram account is the best interior inspiration place for you.


For those neutral lovers, this is the interior inspiration Instagram  account for you! Find out how you can match soft greys and whites with clean lines and hints of eclecticism.


If you like the odd trinket and kitsch portait, then you will find this interior inspiration source the place to be. Find out how you can make the best of your world with what you have.


Modern spaces with pops and hints of details, there are so many elements that makes an impact.


She has a nose for adding choice vintage pieces into her interior design spaces. If you are too looking to add some Sri Lanka antiquities/antiques or art, then find your interior inspiration here.


Find tranquillity in her design inspiration places with her soothing blend of a soft & warm colour pallete tbrought out by white walls, soft colours, use of light wood, and more.


Who doesn’t love a good Scandinavian design? Hailing from London, follow Niki Brantmark as she shows us how she designs and decorates her Swedish home.


If you are akin to layering, mixing bold colours and prints as well as old and new, then you are at the right place! There’s something for everyone!


Find out how she mixes colour with patterns ever so elegantly. She finds her taste for interior design and interior inspirations from the classics.


Find interior inspirations in her page, with swanky details, bespoke looks and charming elegant additions.

Kitchen Accessories for an Amazing Kitchen Renovation Project

Have you been dreaming of the perfect kitchen? That dream is not too far away. With a few tweaks to your original design and kitchen accessories, you can make your dream for an amazing kitchen renovation project a success centred around your practical yet modern kitchen.

One thing that you need to start with when you start your kitchen renovation project is plan out your appliances and where you want to place them. Based on the kitchen layout, the recommendation is that the likes of sink, refrigerator and stove be easily accessible. Some of the most common kitchen layouts are as follows, where based on the space the placement of key kitchen appliances are placed in a practical manner.

After you have your core kitchen appliances placed, you can add where you want to place supplementary appliances such as a dishwasher (somewhere close to the sink), oven, microwave, and locations for the likes of a blender, food processor and perhaps a stand mixer. Now whilst you need a place for all these items, planning your power outlets accordingly goes a long way. You need to know how many you need; the types of voltage they require based on appliances, and also have a few extra so working concurrently on different items for that grand dinner party can go on without a hitch. Also, if you’re choosing to display your power outlets, choosing matching switch plated and outlet covers will bring the entire design full circle. You can match these to the kitchen accessories and appliances or even the paint, countertop or backsplash. If you prefer to not display your power outlets and switches altogether, you can choose to hide them under the cabinetry or inside moulding.

Consider task lighting to help light up areas for functionality. For instance, the countertop can be lit up to make food prep easier.  Another would be under cabinetry lighting to help light up spaces to light up space under the cabinet. You can also incorporate lighting within the cabinetry, such as those with glass shelving as your kitchen accessories.

If you want to hide away bulky appliances, consider adding matching panelling to the likes of the refrigerator and/or dishwasher. You can also conceal the microwave on a shelf with lift-up doors. Similarly, if you have a corner on your countertop dedicated to your kitchen accessories/appliances such as the blender, food processors, you can conceal this area with a lift up door too.

Little kitchen accessories and thoughtful additions will definitely make your kitchen renovation project a home-run!