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2021 Interior Trends to Watch out For

2021 Interior Trends to Watch out ForWith the year coming to an end, a year that has been quite different to each and every one of us, we have taken steps to appreciate what is important and what is not. Many of us have redefined what are our lives, whilst some have redefined their spaces. As we wish our valued customers a Happy New Year, we’d like to also welcome in the trends that have surfaced and are expected to surface in the coming new year with 2021 Interior Trends To Watch Out For.


The opposite of the minimalism trend which has been around for the last years where less is more, 2021 interior trends will include more “oomph” with wider options and styles.

Curved Shapes

Whilst straight lines was a element of minimalism, curved shapes are one of maximalism. Curved shapes and designs are a thing to expected in 2021 interior trends to watch out for.

Sofas by RM Perera’s fully owned subsidiary Decor Amore.

Natural Elements

The coming year is expected to feature more eco-friendly elements. Natural materials and earth tones are to be seen in 2021 interior designs.    

Painted Ceilings

Ceilings will get themselves much needed attention with decorative wallpapers, colourful paint and stenciling being possible additions in the coming year.

Sectioning out Spaces

Spaces will get their own purpose with sectioning made possible with dividers. By doing so, spaces will have be defined and each will be purposeful.

Velvet Materials

Some would say that velvet has a tinge of luxury, with velvet being used for sofa materials and decoration cushions and even curtains to stay in turn with the maximalist effect.

Alternative Tables

If you’re working with smaller space and do not have enough areas allocated for traditional coffee tables and then consider small alternative tables for your spaces.


2021 interior design trends also state that mirrors will make more of an impact to create elegance and to utilize them in artistic approaches.

Imperfect Finishes

Another elements that resounds with earthly styles is  to incorporate finishes such as bare brick walls or unpolished concrete or open beans into the design to shine through.

Colourful Art on White Walls

White walls have been around for ages, but in 2021 interior design trends, you will see that large colourful art will be something sought after.

Artwork by Laura Ruxton

We hope that you will find these 2021 interior design trends in the coming year!

Pantone Colours for 2021

As the year draws to its end, Pantone has released their chosen colour for the new year. The Pantone Colours for 2021 are Illuminating Yellow and Ultimate Gray.

The colours are a welcome union from the events of the past year. Ultimate Gray represents strength, resilience and encouragement of feelings of steadiness and composure to take on what is yet to come whilst Illuminating Yellow represents optimism, in its sunny lemon yellow to bring forth notes of positivity for a great year ahead.

The above inspirations have been courtesy of the likes of Home Designing, Pinterest, Shutterly Fabulous, Deposit Photos, Home Edit, Home Depot, Decor Pad,

Contemporary Dining Room Furniture

A dining room is often the center point of a home, a place where everyone takes a moment to sit down and appreciate their company as they eat their meals and be merry. Thus, one can only expect that the dining room should be one that welcomes and entices one to comfortable and enjoyable dining. Often dining rooms are known to be traditional but with changing times and styles, contemporary dining room furniture has made a great impact on how homes are being designed after their personality.

Decor Amore – Avery – Dining Room Series – L1600 x W900 x H750 x T18mm
Decor Amore – Vito – Dining Room Series – L1600 x W900 x H750 x T36mm
Decor Amore – Faye – Dining Room Series – L1500 x W900 x H750 x T18mm
Decor Amore – Vito – Dining Room Series – L1600 x W900 x H750 x T36mm
Decor Amore – Alyson – Dining Series – Dia.1100 x H750 x T18mm
Decor Amore – Lorum – Dining Series – L1600 x W900 x H750 x T36mm
Decor Amore – Lorum – Dining Series – L1600 x W900 x H750 x T36mm
Decor Amore – Lorum – Dining Series – L1600 x W900 x H750 x T36mm
Decor Amore – Lorum – Dining Series – L1600 x W900 x H750 x T36mm

Décor Amore of RM Perera has unveiled a beautiful new selection of Contemporary Dining Room furniture for your picking. Take in these beautiful designs extracted from our catalogue and see how it can be styled to suit your spaces in different ways. Mix and match your dining room chairs and to fit your contemporary dining room furniture style.

Not only can you buy these designs by ordering them, but you can also reach out to us at RM Perera to get a design of your choice custom made with ease. The seating colours are subject to availability and options can be given upon request made, and delivery times can also be discussed with our sales personnel too. All we need is your idea, inspiration and vision for the space. Let us do the rest!

Choosing Floor Tiles to Suit your Style

One of the focal elements in a home or office is what you end up walking on – yes, your floor tiles. They lead the way and also can act a differentiating factors from room to room should you want to.  They also have a way of adding character and statements, and choosing floor tiles to suit your style for the build is an important factor to successful project.

Choosing floor tiles to suit your style is one of the ways in which you can bring character and personality to your space. There are so many designs, materials and patterns available to you, and its ones of the easiest and simplest ways in which to transform your space. Being more durable and lasting longer with much less after care than the likes of concrete floors, carpeting or wood floors, floor tiles are an investment worth taking. The hardest part of it is, deciding what to go for from all the options available to you. Let us at RM Perera (Pvt) Ltd, as your trusted interior designers give you some tips.

This year’s global floor tile trends included various styles. There was a majority lean towards large format tiles as well as minimal grout lines for a smoother and more cohesive appeal.  Also, wood finish tiles are still greatly loved for the look and feel with many choosing floor tiles  to also have the wood feel and mismatching different tones and patterns to emulate the natural look of a wood floor. Shapes that are unique and different also made itself known with much love for mosaic and hexagonal floor tiles. One of the classics being the natural stone floor tiles is also a big contender. However, if that’s not for you, there are many tiles styled in ceramic or porcelain to mimic natural stone tiles with marbleqsue finishes but are less porous, more durable, less costly and more maintenance-friendly.

First off, you need to understand your personal style before choosing floor tiles to suit your style. if you’re looking for warm tones, then choosing floor tiles that have natural warmth is a good call. Based on the look and feel of the floor tile, you can lean towards a rustic look. Darker tones and finishes can give off a contemporary style, whereas warm wood tones can have a rustic feel.  Many now opt for the large format tiles to make the space look bigger and more open and with lesser grout lines. Also, there has also been an influx of herringbone, chevron and mixed pattern styles too, which makes for unique approaches to tile laying. Also, sublet but beautiful patterns are also much loved too.

The tone, finish, texture and colour will affect the outlook of the finish product and one of the reasons why choosing floor is considered are such an important step. Often,  clients will wait until the space is halfway complete to decide on which floor tiles to opt for, often asking for sample floor tiles to put it in the space to see before committing to it with cement and grout. Keep these tips in mind when choosing floor tiles for your spaces.

Get your Own Décor Amore Work from Home Tables and Desks

As the world evolves to the “new normal” with work from home instructions, RM Perera’s subsidiary Décor Amore has unveiled a series of work from home tables and desk designs to choose from. These modern and stylish designs can be a great addition to your work from home office setup.

With over 12 classy designs to choose from in with different materials and finishes, you are able to inquire and find out the exact specifications of these desks to find out whether they fit your space. These work from home tables and desks feature sleek designs and functionality, these can also be made to your specification too.

Get in touch with us to get your own Work from Home Tables and Desks made by us to make your life a little simple and more productive. If you have a specific design in mind, let us know and we can work together to get it done just as you would like it.

Work from Home Office Setups

With COVID-19 safety regulations and the majority of the globe have to work from home, you may have been considering how best to set up your work from home office to ensure that you and your family members have a designated space to work (or even learn from home during these trying times.

If you already have your own office space at home, then we have a few tips to make it the ideal setting for your work from home office setup for your working hours and ensuring that your productivity is at its peak. All you need to get started with your work from home office setup are the basics such as a designated space, a good table for your workspace, a sturdy, comfortable chair and at the right height, a space for your computer or laptop, and not to mention a good internet connection. 

Look for Unused Space

The best place if you don’t have a designated office room or area, look around for unused space or nook that would be the ideal setting for your new work from office space. For instance, if you have space between two walls, then squeeze in a table the length of the space or even a floating desk to instantly transform it. 

Add a Spot of Colour

They say that colour has a great impact on productivity levels. When it comes to working from home, productively and overall wellbeing is especially important and incorporating spots of colour can be a welcome addition to your work from home office setup. Do it with some shelf items or a colourful poster or print. 

Go Green with Plants

In the past year, many of us have welcome the idea of green thumb projects as we can commit to it and is a great welcome addition to making over your space and also a s mental health activity. Plant some seeds and watch it grow!

Make it Minimalistic

Having a clean and tidy space with minimal objects and a designated space for your items can be a helpful way to induce productivity with a work from home office setup. Consider proper organization tools and not to mention drawers and baskets to ensure everything has a home so that your mind is worry-free and welcoming of new ideas and thoughts.

Image Credit: firstforwomen

Industrial Windows for Homes

In recent times, you may have noticed a trend that leans on industrial tones and refurnishing of forgotten building. Loft or warehouse conversions are quite “in” with the times, with mezzanines being built, cement fishiness being stripped to reveal the brickwork and exposed metal beams quite popular. Following this trend, the look of industrial windows for homes are sought after by modern homeowners as they attempt to spruce up their home to maximize on letting natural light in. Let’s look at the history of how industrial windows for homes became a thing, and where the design inspiration came from.

Industrial design unifies modernity with old world charm, bringing contrast of dark and light to the mix. Often industrial windows for homes are used with double height ceilings, or loft style homes. Use of metal and glass is ideal for industrial windows for homes. Here are some great inspirations for your home.

Industrial Windows for Homes : Dining Room Drama
Industry Skylight Windows
Arched Framed Industrial Window for Homes
Industrial Windows for Homes: Sunroom Dreams
Framing Spaces with Industrial Windows for Homes
Dining Spaces Magnified with Industrial Windows for Homes
Corridors with Industrial Windows for Homes
Wine Rooms with Industrial Windows for Homes
Brining the Outdoors in with Industrial Windows for Homes
Rooms Separation with Industrial Windows
Dramatic Industrial Windows for Homes
Arched Industrial Windows
Triptych Industrial Windows for Home
Floor to Ceiling Industrial Windows
Industrial Windows for Bathrooms
Double Height Spaces and Use of Industrial Windows

Steps for a Turnkey Furnishing Project

Taking on a big task of interior designing a home or your new office can be daunting. There’s so much to think of. Where would the new lights go? What about the art? Do we need spotlight for said art? These are all interior design questions you may have. Why not choose a reputable interior design company such as RM Perera (Pvt) Ltd to take care of your turnkey furnishing projects. From interior design, to light design, to furniture and fittings, all these items will be included in the concept and design of your future turnkey furnishing project.

The choice of home furniture or office furniture, from concept to execution, a turnkey furnishing project will cover a number of items. The approach to the concept and design will need to be looked at.  The cost-effectiveness of each element included in the design and concept is also important to the turnkey furnishing project. To ensure that each element is fulfilled, our team of professionals will supervise the different elements of the turnkey furnishing project execution.

Turnkey Furnishing Project Steps

When it comes to taking the plunge and getting started with your turnkey furnishing project, we are here to guide you.

Step 1: Measurements and Pictures of the Space

The RM Perera team will visit to take proper measurements of the space as well as pictures to get a feel of the intended space meant for the turnkey furnishing project.

Step 2: Detailed Specifications

Once the measurements and speciation for the intended spaces are completed, the concept is visualized with different ideas

Step 3:  Layout Development

The layout of any room is vital. By  offering different options of layouts, the different arrangements of furniture and not to mention allocations are envisioned in different lights.

Step 4: Furniture Style

A mood board or inspiration board is put together at this point for design concept approval to proceed. Based on the arrangement of furniture and the layout, this is an important turnkey furnishing project milestone. The style, colour and mood will be reflected in the inspirations select and or the items being proposed. The finishing material is also important as well as the furniture and fittings too.

Step 5: 3D Concept

Once the style is selected, along with the arrangement and layout, the next step is the 3D conceptualization so you are able to see how it will look photo-realistically. This will allow you to see how your turnkey furnishing project will end up looking and act as a guideline for your material specifications.

Step 6: Prep for the Turnkey Furnishing Project

Once all the layouts, the 3D concept, and plans are approved, the technical documentation will proceed which will include specifications specific to furniture, décor, household appliances, windows & doors, plumbing, ceiling & wall lighting,  and more. Get in touch with us at for your turnkey furnishing project to get your interior project done.

Creating Affordable Spaces for Life with RM Perera

When you design a home, you are creating spaces for life, and that is what RM Perera (Pvt) Ltd is all about! Whichever space you are envisioning, be it your breathing space for living, your personal space, outer space, work space and more, we look at each and every aspect to finesse and elevate your quality of life with interior design and furniture pieces that will enable you to live your life to the fullest.

Our team of creatives is made up of specialist of space creators, perfectionists and quality craftsmen on the lookout of defining what we call the perfect space for you. RM Perera has been crafting space for over four decades, now offering turnkey commercial projects to elegant residences and also furniture design fabricators.

R.M. Perera (Pvt) Ltd is the only interior design company in Sri Lanka to be awarded the prestige of being awarded ISO 9001:2015 certification. Our new state-of-the-art factory offers over 21000 sqft of working space and staff quarters in its 4 stories, it is a green timber build and took into account minimal tree removal in efforts to stay true to be eco-conscious. The factory is dedicated between our two product lines One80, which focuses on furniture and interior design solutions used for household and hospitality projects, and Trendline, which handles custom-made corporate interior design solutions. The factory is equipped with automate line production facilities and not to mention advance dust collection for staff welfare measures for a safe and friendly workplace.

Build your spaces for life with RM Perera, with quality workmanship at one of the best interior design and furniture company in Sri Lanka.

RM Perera Presents the Decor Amore Minimal Furniture

R.M. Perera (Pvt) Ltd has been in business for over four decades, creating spaces that transform life with quality woodwork and finishing. As the world evolves and changes to trends and price points, Décor Amore, a fully owned subsidiary of R.M. Perera was created to product quality products to promote minimalistic interior design styles that are much sought after.  In this blog post, we present the Minimal Furniture offered under Décor Amore.

The Minimal Furniture series offered by Décor Amore focuses on three core principles; Modern, Minimalist, and Affordable. The minimalist, modern and affordable furniture series focuses on different wood finishes such as oak, walnut, maple, and monochrome finishes.

Oak Elegance Minimal Furniture

Be it for your bedroom, living space or even your office, adding the Oak Elegance Minimal Furniture to your living spaces.

Walnut Charm Minimal Furniture

These dark toned wood finish bedroom space minimal furniture pieces are ideal for a cosy and warm feel.

Maple Beauty Minimal Furniture

The Maple Beauty minimal furniture pieces are inspired by Nordic designs that blend light tones and white to create a soothing look to your living and bedroom spaces. Mix and match these minimal furniture designs to transform your room.

Monochrome Minimal Furniture

For a modern feel, that utilizes black and gray tones to create a monochromatic design, these minimal furniture pieces are ideal for a bedroom, living space or even an office design setting.

Get in touch with the RM Perera team to get your own Minimalist Furniture.