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2021 Interior Trends to Watch out For

2021 Interior Trends to Watch out ForWith the year coming to an end, a year that has been quite different to each and every one of us, we have taken steps to appreciate what is important and what is not. Many of us have redefined what are our lives, whilst some have redefined their spaces. As we wish our valued customers a Happy New Year, we’d like to also welcome in the trends that have surfaced and are expected to surface in the coming new year with 2021 Interior Trends To Watch Out For.


The opposite of the minimalism trend which has been around for the last years where less is more, 2021 interior trends will include more “oomph” with wider options and styles.

Curved Shapes

Whilst straight lines was a element of minimalism, curved shapes are one of maximalism. Curved shapes and designs are a thing to expected in 2021 interior trends to watch out for.

Sofas by RM Perera’s fully owned subsidiary Decor Amore.

Natural Elements

The coming year is expected to feature more eco-friendly elements. Natural materials and earth tones are to be seen in 2021 interior designs.    

Painted Ceilings

Ceilings will get themselves much needed attention with decorative wallpapers, colourful paint and stenciling being possible additions in the coming year.

Sectioning out Spaces

Spaces will get their own purpose with sectioning made possible with dividers. By doing so, spaces will have be defined and each will be purposeful.

Velvet Materials

Some would say that velvet has a tinge of luxury, with velvet being used for sofa materials and decoration cushions and even curtains to stay in turn with the maximalist effect.

Alternative Tables

If you’re working with smaller space and do not have enough areas allocated for traditional coffee tables and then consider small alternative tables for your spaces.


2021 interior design trends also state that mirrors will make more of an impact to create elegance and to utilize them in artistic approaches.

Imperfect Finishes

Another elements that resounds with earthly styles is  to incorporate finishes such as bare brick walls or unpolished concrete or open beans into the design to shine through.

Colourful Art on White Walls

White walls have been around for ages, but in 2021 interior design trends, you will see that large colourful art will be something sought after.

Artwork by Laura Ruxton

We hope that you will find these 2021 interior design trends in the coming year!