How a Bedroom Headboard can Change your Overall Bedroom Design

Designing a bedroom that is classic and will grow with you as you grow involves choosing statement bedroom pieces that can evolve as your personal design choices evolve.  We look at how a bedroom headboard can change your overall bedroom design.

Featuring a headboard in your bedroom design makes it a statement feature which will instantly elevate the look of your bedroom. There are many looks you can opt for, from the shape, the material chosen, the hardware and style, your room can be transformed into your own oasis. Let’s look at some design inspirations curated by RM Perera, to showcase how a bedroom headboard can change your overall bedroom design. From simplistic styles, to upcycled backings and unique materials and resources, we can be inspired by many looks to create the ideal headboard of your dreams.


Simple Headboard

If your bed comes with a base, then creating a base frame attached to a headboard can feature a cohesive look.  Using upholstery that is simplistic can be an ideal finish. This look is ideal if you are choosing this type of upholstery fabric to be used in other features of the room such as with the ottoman or a seating corner.

If you are not too keen on a fabric, then opt for leather for a masculine finish to your bedroom. Pair it with warmer shades on the wall contrasted with darker undertones.

Detailed Headboards

Whilst a plain headboard is great for a contemporary and modern look, adding tufting it would  be a great way to add a touch of feminine elegance to your bedroom. Pairing an upholstered headboard with the likes of a Wingback can elevate the elegance even further. Adding trims such as diamond tufting and/or with nailheads. Sleigh beds are great for such choices.

Functional Headboards

These types of headboard offer more functionality than just being a headboard, with hidden storage, shelving and more.  You can also incorporate a canopy to feature a regal like finish to your bedroom.


Upcycled Headboards

The use of recyclable items such as room screens can be a great choice of headboard. You can even utilise and repurpose old doors, windoors and even mirrors as headboard for a truly unique look to your bedroom design.


RM Perera, as your local interior designer and furniture designer, our in-house team can create these looks with ease. Speak to our interior design specialists to design something that will be perfect for your bedroom design!