Black Bathroom – Would you do it?

There is something intriguing about the colour black. Pierre-Auguste Renoir said it best – “I’ve been 40 years discovering that the queen of colours was black’. In design, it symbolises elegance, wealth, restraint, and power. If you are planning a bathroom renovation, would you choose to do up a black bathroom aesthetic? Let the interior design experts at RM Perera Sri Lanka let you in on how you can pull off this feat with ease.

A black bathroom offers a contemporary aesthetic; the contrast of the colour can make an impact depending on how you use it.

Black Bathroom Walls

When one thinks a black bathroom, one might instantly assume its all black from walls to tiles to fittings and trims. Whilst that would be excessive, a great way to complement a neutral themed bathroom would be to paint the walls black for a feature look and have fittings and furnishing/trims to accentuate the look. Offset with white tiles and fittings, and matched with copper or gold coloured trims, this will turn out to be a regal yet neutral black bathroom.


Black Bathroom Tub

If you are person who enjoys minimalism with a hint of contemporary, then a classic would be to get yourself a beautiful claw foot tub with the exterior painted black. Having the black bathroom claw foot tub as a focal piece will make for a great conversation piece for your guests or just a pleasant reminder of beautiful design for your own master bathroom.

Black Bathroom Cabinetry

Black or even dark cabinetry offers a room a sense of sophistication and your bathroom can be too by choosing black bathroom cabinetry. Your bathroom remodel will truly be a sensation.

Black Bathroom Patterned Tiles

If you want to draw attention to the floors, choose black bathroom tiles. You can choose all black tiles with white (or a light coloured) grout, or mix and match to feature black and white patterned tiles alone.  The shape and size of the tiles will play a big role, with hexagonal tiles being very on trend as of recent.