Cane, Rattan and Natural Elements for your White and Wood Interior Design Style

Let’s face it, how cozy and comforting is a home filled with white with tan to sand colored wooden elements that are accentuated with soft textures. White and Wood interior design styles with its cozy & contemporary feel with a touch of boho chic are so IN! Add in natural elements such as cane and rattan furniture or accessories and you are golden! Let’s look at some great inspirations for a white and wood interior design style theme for your future home!

The white and wood interior design style accentuates earth tones that draws inspiration from the outdoors and creates a truly welcoming and homey feel. With colours found in nature from the colour of the soil, green leaves, cloudy sky and red sun, when you incorporate these colours and match them with natural elements (with cane, rattan or bamboo accessories), you will over your space that speaks volumes in style.

Picture Credits: Pinterest, Every Girl Sarah Sherman Samuel