Contemporary Dining Room Furniture

A dining room is often the center point of a home, a place where everyone takes a moment to sit down and appreciate their company as they eat their meals and be merry. Thus, one can only expect that the dining room should be one that welcomes and entices one to comfortable and enjoyable dining. Often dining rooms are known to be traditional but with changing times and styles, contemporary dining room furniture has made a great impact on how homes are being designed after their personality.

Decor Amore – Avery – Dining Room Series – L1600 x W900 x H750 x T18mm
Decor Amore – Vito – Dining Room Series – L1600 x W900 x H750 x T36mm
Decor Amore – Faye – Dining Room Series – L1500 x W900 x H750 x T18mm
Decor Amore – Vito – Dining Room Series – L1600 x W900 x H750 x T36mm
Decor Amore – Alyson – Dining Series – Dia.1100 x H750 x T18mm
Decor Amore – Lorum – Dining Series – L1600 x W900 x H750 x T36mm
Decor Amore – Lorum – Dining Series – L1600 x W900 x H750 x T36mm
Decor Amore – Lorum – Dining Series – L1600 x W900 x H750 x T36mm
Decor Amore – Lorum – Dining Series – L1600 x W900 x H750 x T36mm

Décor Amore of RM Perera has unveiled a beautiful new selection of Contemporary Dining Room furniture for your picking. Take in these beautiful designs extracted from our catalogue and see how it can be styled to suit your spaces in different ways. Mix and match your dining room chairs and to fit your contemporary dining room furniture style.

Not only can you buy these designs by ordering them, but you can also reach out to us at RM Perera to get a design of your choice custom made with ease. The seating colours are subject to availability and options can be given upon request made, and delivery times can also be discussed with our sales personnel too. All we need is your idea, inspiration and vision for the space. Let us do the rest!

Get your Own Décor Amore Work from Home Tables and Desks

As the world evolves to the “new normal” with work from home instructions, RM Perera’s subsidiary Décor Amore has unveiled a series of work from home tables and desk designs to choose from. These modern and stylish designs can be a great addition to your work from home office setup.

With over 12 classy designs to choose from in with different materials and finishes, you are able to inquire and find out the exact specifications of these desks to find out whether they fit your space. These work from home tables and desks feature sleek designs and functionality, these can also be made to your specification too.

Get in touch with us to get your own Work from Home Tables and Desks made by us to make your life a little simple and more productive. If you have a specific design in mind, let us know and we can work together to get it done just as you would like it.

Creating Affordable Spaces for Life with RM Perera

When you design a home, you are creating spaces for life, and that is what RM Perera (Pvt) Ltd is all about! Whichever space you are envisioning, be it your breathing space for living, your personal space, outer space, work space and more, we look at each and every aspect to finesse and elevate your quality of life with interior design and furniture pieces that will enable you to live your life to the fullest.

Our team of creatives is made up of specialist of space creators, perfectionists and quality craftsmen on the lookout of defining what we call the perfect space for you. RM Perera has been crafting space for over four decades, now offering turnkey commercial projects to elegant residences and also furniture design fabricators.

R.M. Perera (Pvt) Ltd is the only interior design company in Sri Lanka to be awarded the prestige of being awarded ISO 9001:2015 certification. Our new state-of-the-art factory offers over 21000 sqft of working space and staff quarters in its 4 stories, it is a green timber build and took into account minimal tree removal in efforts to stay true to be eco-conscious. The factory is dedicated between our two product lines One80, which focuses on furniture and interior design solutions used for household and hospitality projects, and Trendline, which handles custom-made corporate interior design solutions. The factory is equipped with automate line production facilities and not to mention advance dust collection for staff welfare measures for a safe and friendly workplace.

Build your spaces for life with RM Perera, with quality workmanship at one of the best interior design and furniture company in Sri Lanka.

RM Perera Presents the Decor Amore Minimal Furniture

R.M. Perera (Pvt) Ltd has been in business for over four decades, creating spaces that transform life with quality woodwork and finishing. As the world evolves and changes to trends and price points, Décor Amore, a fully owned subsidiary of R.M. Perera was created to product quality products to promote minimalistic interior design styles that are much sought after.  In this blog post, we present the Minimal Furniture offered under Décor Amore.

The Minimal Furniture series offered by Décor Amore focuses on three core principles; Modern, Minimalist, and Affordable. The minimalist, modern and affordable furniture series focuses on different wood finishes such as oak, walnut, maple, and monochrome finishes.

Oak Elegance Minimal Furniture

Be it for your bedroom, living space or even your office, adding the Oak Elegance Minimal Furniture to your living spaces.

Walnut Charm Minimal Furniture

These dark toned wood finish bedroom space minimal furniture pieces are ideal for a cosy and warm feel.

Maple Beauty Minimal Furniture

The Maple Beauty minimal furniture pieces are inspired by Nordic designs that blend light tones and white to create a soothing look to your living and bedroom spaces. Mix and match these minimal furniture designs to transform your room.

Monochrome Minimal Furniture

For a modern feel, that utilizes black and gray tones to create a monochromatic design, these minimal furniture pieces are ideal for a bedroom, living space or even an office design setting.

Get in touch with the RM Perera team to get your own Minimalist Furniture.

Modern, Minimalist, and Affordable Modular Office Furniture with Décor Amore & Co

Décor Amore & Co, a fully owned subsidiary of R.M. Perera (Pvt) Ltd, has unveiled their range of office furniture that is modern, minimalist and modular. The collection of modular office furniture has been designed to cater to a range of styles and aesthetics that will design of any office. Check out the different collection to find out, which would be the ideal choice of office furniture collection for your interior solutions.

The Director Series

The modular office furniture from the Director Series by Décor Amore & Co, features a range of rich wood finishes mixed with glass elements for 14-seater boardroom tables, reception desks, office furniture including cupboards and a variety of matching desks in different designs and orientations.

The Manager Series

The Manager Series from the modular office furniture collection also features wood stains, paint finishes and glass accessories, with a more cost-effective furniture solution in mind. This modular office furniture series also feature a range of reception desks, board room tables, free-standing desks in various orientations, and looks to serve limited spaces.

The Contemporary Series

The contemporary series takes a leaf out of the modern aesthetic of white with contrasts of rich wood. Sleek finishes in modern designs mixed with metals can be found in this modular office furniture series which includes free standing desks and tables, cupboards and shelving solutions too.

The Standard Series

The standard series of modular office furniture is cost-effective and will be ideal for any office environment, with its range of cubicle style desk solutions, cupboards, filing cabinets, shelves and more.

Check out the entire catalogue of the Modern, Minimalist, Affordable Modular Office Furniture by Décor Amore & Co, and contact us to get your order in today!

RM Perera Introduces Decor Amore

RM Perera strives to push the boundaries and offer a comprehensive range of products and services to our esteemed clientele. Keeping in mind that Sri Lanka is ever-watchful of the western trends, we are introducing Decor Amore, a division that is solely committed to creating unique pieces of interior accessories for residential or hospitality environments.

Apart from our inspirations, we also take on custom designs based on our client’s design specifications. We undertake all kinds of furniture and accessories for your spaces  made out of MDF or Timber depending on your requirement. Be it your master bedroom, kiddies room, Dining, Kitchen, Shelves, kitchen accessories, Storage units, Picture frames and the list goes on. Send us your inspiration and we’ll match your needs!


Here are some of the projects we have done in the past!


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