Choosing Floor Tiles to Suit your Style

One of the focal elements in a home or office is what you end up walking on – yes, your floor tiles. They lead the way and also can act a differentiating factors from room to room should you want to.  They also have a way of adding character and statements, and choosing floor tiles to suit your style for the build is an important factor to successful project.

Choosing floor tiles to suit your style is one of the ways in which you can bring character and personality to your space. There are so many designs, materials and patterns available to you, and its ones of the easiest and simplest ways in which to transform your space. Being more durable and lasting longer with much less after care than the likes of concrete floors, carpeting or wood floors, floor tiles are an investment worth taking. The hardest part of it is, deciding what to go for from all the options available to you. Let us at RM Perera (Pvt) Ltd, as your trusted interior designers give you some tips.

This year’s global floor tile trends included various styles. There was a majority lean towards large format tiles as well as minimal grout lines for a smoother and more cohesive appeal.  Also, wood finish tiles are still greatly loved for the look and feel with many choosing floor tiles  to also have the wood feel and mismatching different tones and patterns to emulate the natural look of a wood floor. Shapes that are unique and different also made itself known with much love for mosaic and hexagonal floor tiles. One of the classics being the natural stone floor tiles is also a big contender. However, if that’s not for you, there are many tiles styled in ceramic or porcelain to mimic natural stone tiles with marbleqsue finishes but are less porous, more durable, less costly and more maintenance-friendly.

First off, you need to understand your personal style before choosing floor tiles to suit your style. if you’re looking for warm tones, then choosing floor tiles that have natural warmth is a good call. Based on the look and feel of the floor tile, you can lean towards a rustic look. Darker tones and finishes can give off a contemporary style, whereas warm wood tones can have a rustic feel.  Many now opt for the large format tiles to make the space look bigger and more open and with lesser grout lines. Also, there has also been an influx of herringbone, chevron and mixed pattern styles too, which makes for unique approaches to tile laying. Also, sublet but beautiful patterns are also much loved too.

The tone, finish, texture and colour will affect the outlook of the finish product and one of the reasons why choosing floor is considered are such an important step. Often,  clients will wait until the space is halfway complete to decide on which floor tiles to opt for, often asking for sample floor tiles to put it in the space to see before committing to it with cement and grout. Keep these tips in mind when choosing floor tiles for your spaces.