Choosing the Perfect Dining Room Chair Style

 Arm Chairs

An arm chair is the perfect dining room chair style for either end of a rectangular dining table. This type of dining room chair add depth not to mention a formal aesthetic and can have different type of chair backing such as upholstered to lattice. The main characteristic of a arm chair dining chair is the fact that it has arm rests.

Side Chairs

A side chair is easily defined; they are chairs used for either length of the dining room table and usually do not have arms.

Parsons Chairs

Named after the Parsons School of Design, the characteristic of this type of chair are the clean wooden legs paired with a fully upholstered finish in a variety of material choices.

Wingback Chairs

Wingback chairs have a cosy finish with its backrest style that includes “wings” and curved upholstered fabric silhouette.

Ladder Back Chairs

A ladder back chair features a ladder like backrest which creates an airy aesthetic and a traditional dining room chair style.  The horizontal wood can be curved or flat-edge based on the look you are after, traditional or contemporary.

Slat Back Chairs

Slat back chairs are similar to that of a ladder back, however with the one distinction that they are vertical as opposed to its sister design.

Queen Ann Chairs

Queen Ann chairs are wooden with an intricate design on the backrest and take after the 18th century style during Queen Ann’s era which features cabriole legs, carved detailing with an upholstered cushion seat

Windsor Chairs

Windsor chairs have been inspired by early English design and architecture, with its circle backing with vertical supports/slats and spindle legs. It exudes a sense of vintage charm.

Cross Back Chairs

Cross back chairs are very much similar to those of Slat Back chairs, with the main difference being the cross design on the backrest and is considered a standard choice when looking for the perfect dining room chair style.

Lattice Back Chairs

Lattice back chairs are very much similar to those of Slat Back and Cross back chairs, with the main difference being the design on the backrest.

Splat Chairs

Splat chairs refers to the look of the backrest, which refers one slat done the middle of curved back that splits left and right down the middle. These splat chairs are used throughout history and can be dressed up with intricate designs added on to it.