Why are Console Tables all the Rage?

What is a console table you may ask? That’s an easy question to answer – with us being experts in furniture design in Sri Lanka. A console table is a type of side table that is usually placed against a wall (almost always fixed to the wall for sturdiness) and requires legs or some form of decorative furniture element to help support it in the front.  The console table is not a new thing, but one that was first seen in 17th Century Italy with marble table tops whereby during this time, lots of furniture were also considered sculptures (with gilded figures, cupids and more featured as the legs). However, with modern trends console tables have become an easy addition to households and corporate offices to add a sense of flair.


Nowadays, console tables come in different designs and different uses too. Whilst, it was primarily meant to be an aesthetic piece of furniture for one’s residence, or corridor/foyer, there are many places where console tables can be used.

Console tables allow you to add a sense of style to welcome your guests in, and can be styled with accessories and not to mention also be functional. Console tables are great for entryways or foyers as they can be used as a catch all station for when you come through the door.


More often than not, a console table for an entryway will include some under the table upholstered stools (as optional seating), a mirror for a last minute touch up, or a lamp. If you happen to choose a console table with drawers, then it can act a place to keep keys or a catch all. Alternatively, you can use a bowl or decorative box to include these items on the console tabletop. Sometimes you can pair the console table with an armchair to make an interesting nook in your foyer.

Other places you could include a console table would be in your living room or dining room as an additional counter space. Usually the height of console tables used in living rooms would be the same height as the sofa or 1 inch below. In the event of entryways or dining room console tables they should be approximately 33 inches in height which will allow most people to access items on them with ease.

Here are some design inspirations of console tables and areas where you can use them. Let the interior designers at RM Perera help you in deciding which style of console table is ideal for your interior setting and aesthetic.