Crafted Modernism and How To do it

What is known as craft modern design is essentially the trend that followed World War II in America, with the creation or craft of items using mediums such as clay, metal, fiber, jewelry and glass. What is also known as the studio craft movement, it also involved the expression of cultural identity, international influences and artistic innovation through the art being crafted. However, crafted modernism, in the words of Nil Finnes of FINNE Architects, terms it as the use of “a high level of craftsmanship and thoughtful design throughout a house, creating permanent fixtures that will stand the test of time and passing fashions”.

The basis of the concept of crafted modernism is the creation of project-specific items for a home, be it light fixtures to built-in furniture. Items such as custom built stairway handrail that has been made based on the type of wood, the ideals and likes of the home owners, and the concept of the home build. Those factors should be considered when opting for a crafted modernism home.

Whether it is a customized handrail that offers a sensory experience, open risers for more light, an offset pivot door as your main entry for statement entrance, a cantilevered room above the porch for shade as well as to offer an added outdoor space, the specific purposes and uses of these design elements give meaning to crafted modernism. Its duality offers depth to the design. Your crafted modernism, may serve a purpose as well as adding to the design.

Rooflines are others in which Nil Finnes add to architectural dimensions that allows for spaces to be sculpted or shaped. It can be used to add drama as well as accommodate for light and ventilation based on how you design it especially with the use of high clerestories.

 Crafted modernism is also about materials and texture. If you are opting for something special, then choosing the right materials and textures, that serves dual purposes of functionality and aesthetics. Choosing woods and metals and bricks and glass to bring character into an architectural design is what crafted modernism is all about. 

This can be applied to the interior and exteriors of a modern home, or even each room, whether you take each one individually or flow from one to the other connecting each by an element found in the adjoining room. You find ways of adding to a piece of furniture, how complimenting design fixture can serve dual means. You are creating through design. Crafted modernism is all about the future, how modernity, minimalism, sustainability and functionality will play a role in architecture and homeownership.

How would you implement crafted modernism in your home build? Speak to RM Perera to discuss your home construction and interior design project for 2020!