What to Expect in Interior Design Trends in Sri Lanka for 2018

With the New Year a few hours away, we call on our readers to be inspired by the interior design trends in Sri Lanka that will definitely make some waves. With Pantone releasing their Colour Trends for 2018, feature in one of previous blog posts – Colour Trends in Interiors –what’s in and what’s out, we are looking at the galaxies for inspiration. Thus, with that in mind, let’s peruse though some inspiration images to jog your vision board with upcoming interior design trends in Sri Lanka.

Metallic Interior Design Trends in Sri Lanka

Sri Lankans have always been a fan of metallic, with copper and brass being part of ancestral homes for decades. However, the use of gun metal and alloy has been seen in many industrialized or commercial interiors, due to the price point. However, that being said, while they are not easy to look at, there are designs in which are easy on the eyes and practical too. The following images highlight the use of metallic in furniture and accessories and even in wallpaper designs too.

Eclectic Interior Design Trends in Sri Lanka

The mix and matching of various design norm is the basic definition of an electric interior design, thus mixing of colours, patterns and types of furniture of curves and edges can make a truly beautiful interior look.


Natural Interior Design Trends in Sri Lanka

The use of wood or stone is very eco-friendly, and more and more hotels and office interiors look to bringing out that aesthetic through every year. Here are some inspirations for you to consider!


Images: Brabbu, Studio M, Mecc Interiors, Alteralis, Shad Forthly Thygo, Spacious Accessories