Fun and Clever Storage Ideas and Inspirations

One of the things that make for a great space is having the space to store away clutter and keeping everything spic and span! How do you go about this, you ask? Why, by having some fun and clever storage ideas and inspirations in hand. We are more than happy to help you with it. Great means of storage space and ideas for your home, after all, means better organization and clarity in your day-to-day. Finding a place for everything is essentially organization 101, therefore, making use of closets, cupboards, cubbies and even empty spaces that do not have a purpose will make decluttering easier.

Kid’s Bedroom Dream

One of our favourite, fun and clever storage ideas and inspirations that we have come across would be this beautiful padded cupboard wall. It has such a touch of whimsy and colour that it will make a kid’s room shine!

Pantry of the Heavens

If you are looking for a fantastic way to organize your pantry, we have a solution! This beautiful pantry cupboard has cubbies of different sizes and shapes to accommodate your different pantry items which will make organizing your kitchen items a breeze. Ensuring that you have all your pantry items handy and accessible, makes for a happy home and cuts down your work time in the kitchen.



Mud Area Wonders

In Sri Lanka, mud rooms are not too popular, instead, the entry way becomes a mess of footwear! Whilst some opt for a shelving system or a cupboard to stow away the footwear, you can opt to do so with the likes of a walk-in closet area. This closet room will function as a place to put away your shoes and, bags, umbrellas and other items that you might need as you are about to run out the door. By using these fun and clever storage ideas, you can put together a mud area or room to suit all your needs!

Clever Benches

In any living space, there is always the problem of putting away the clutter once the fun is over and in a place that isn’t too tucked away. The likes of storage benches and ottomans come in handy. You can easily store away all your board games away with ease even when the boxes themselves have become quite frayed from all that use. With the help of these fun and clever storage ideas and inspirations, your living room can be the one of your dreams out of that interior design magazine!


Images: homestratosphere, houzz, baytownkitchen, imageshack, eattomorrow, amazinginteriordesign, ecofloat, tahrirdata