Getting your House Interior Decorated

Every couple of years, new styles and trend of interior design take the world by storm. The elite of the elite in terms of interior design unveil what they are in their prestigious interior design magazines, such as INTERIOR DESIGN, ELLE Décor, Architectural Digest, and not to mention DOMUS, which RM Perera (Pvt) Ltd has been featured in. Getting your house interior decorated and designed is quite eye opening and once completed, the outcome brings calm and warm feelings inside. Many say that such a change should be considered every five years, to keep the aesthetic fresh.

Keeping in mind that many styles and features tend to cycle back every few years or at time, decades, homes and houses are frequently given a fresh lease of life. Be it with a coat of paint, additions to the décor or update/upgrade of furniture is sometimes all you need to getting your house interior decorated means that Project Bringing a Fresh Lease of Life into your home does not need to be an expensive one. You may find that, as you grow and age, your tastes will too, and it’s important to cater to what your mental health craves for a happy life and happy home.

So what can you do about getting your house interior decorated without setting back your back account? We, at RM Perera (Pvt) Ltd as a choice Interior Designer and Decorator firm, have a few ideas for you to have your house interior decorated without major renovations!

Fresh Coat of Paint

Adding a fresh coat of paint can bring so much life into a space and is one of the most economical choices for house interior decorating. The best part is, that should you wish to, you can mix up colors and add patterns or textures just with paint and a few inspirations such as the following that will make house interior decorated a breeze.

19 May 2014 — Interior of industrial dining room — Image by © Anne-Cathrine Scoffoni/All Over Press/Corbis

Updating the Light Fixtures

Another way of getting your house interior decorated would be to change up the light fixtures. Maybe you want to bring in more light during the day, perhaps some pizzazz to a space, or work with natural elements. Your reasons may be many, but in the end, it will light up your life with a level up in terms of getting your house interior decorated.

Upgrade Drawer Pulls and Door Handles

A simple fix to making over a space, can be with simple things such as changing out drawer pulls and door handles. Little accessories such as these usually blend into the space or they will draw the eye towards furniture pieces.

Spruce up the Window Treatments

Window treatments, including curtains, can tie in the space and the interior décor of a room. Adding blinds or sheer curtains can aspire to transform a room. Here are some inspirations that we at RM Perera love!

Adding Some Greenery

Another simplistic way of getting your house interior decorated whilst elevating the appeal would be with introducing hardy but cozy indoor houseplants. The choice of palms, rubber trees, monster plants and more have a way of filling up empty spaces and adding a welcoming touch.