How to Design and Decorate a Kid’s Room

If your little prince and princess is outgrowing their nursery, and you are looking to design and decorate a kid’s room that is picture perfect, we have some ideas and tips for you!  Putting together a “big girl” or “big boy” room will be a breeze with these fun and fantastic additions.

Get Creative with Paint 

One of the first elements that will go about making a room special, they colour(s) you choose will make a lasting impression. Your child may offer his or her favourite colour.  With the selection from a basic colour scheme, you are able to play with muted shades and hues to ensure that the room comes alive. Play off light and dark on different walls to create depth. You can even add a pattern to make a focal wall. By using colour to design and decorate a kid’s room, you are making a cost-effective and affordable choice to make it theirs without breaking the bank.

Accessorize with Patterns

We have already touched on patterns with paint, but what about the curtains, carpets & rugs, and bed linen. If you have a colour scheme in mind, play within the same colour range or even opt to contrast to give it a “pop”!

Design a Custom Bed

A custom-made bed can make all the difference with bringing some style into your kid’s room. Whilst we see many requests for custom beds to be made in the shape of cars or a princess carriage, you are able to also choose a bed design that your kid can grow with. Choosing a sturdy and elegant bed will make for a sound investment. How you can add to the design of your custom bed would be with hidden storage or a custom headboard with a durable material such as faux leather or even burlap.

Collect Pieces Over Time

Essentially, all furniture that you need to start off with the design of your kid’s room would be the bed and perhaps a dresser or chest of drawers (in the event you have not included a closet). As your child grows older, you can add furniture items such as a writing desk and comfortable chair, a relaxing lounge chair, bookshelves and shelves too.




Create a Mini Gallery

One of the best parts of decorating a kid’s room is adding the personalised touches to make it truly their own. You can do this with a mini gallery of their favourite drawings and/or photographs.

Decorate with Oversized Wall Decals

Another way of personalising the design of a kid’s room would be with wall decals. It can be a focal wall or accent decals to highlight areas such as over the bed or even around a desk, or even the shelves. Often, this is a great way of enveloping your kid’s current interest whilst still maintaining an elegant bedroom aesthetic when you design and decorate a kid’s room.

If you have a design in mind, drop us a line with your inspiration ideas and we will be more than happy to help you design AND decorate your kid’s room for you!