How to Make a Small Room Bigger

With scarcity in city areas become more and more of a concern, there are many of us that look at compact living and not to mention, ways in which we can make small spaces seem bigger. With so many modes of inspirations and new mediums showcasing how efficiently and effectively they are able to maximise on compact spaces, and make the likes of a small room bigger, you will be amazed as how easy it is to make a small room bigger with just a few touches. Let’s find out how you can do the same.

Light Colours

One of the many rules that a lot of people follow when they have smaller rooms is to go with white or light colours on the walls to make it give the illusion of more space.  

Focal Ceiling

One of the easiest ways in which you can make a small room bigger is by working with what you already have. Make your ceiling a focal point by drawing the eyes up by using wallpaper on your ceiling or a darker contrasting colour. Another way of drawing the eyes up with shelving (for your books or ornaments) closer to the ceiling.

Mirror Mirror

Whilst you are using light colours and drawing the eyes up to the ceiling, add in another element that creates illusion with the likes of reflection. Reflective surfaces, such as with mirrors. You can group them in one area, or even position them around the room so that they reflect not just light, but also other elements in the room to create depth and make a small room bigger

Furniture Placement

Another way of creating depth in a room is with the likes of placing your furniture away from the walls. Also choose furniture that is a statement piece so that your eyes are drawn towards them. When choosing furniture opt for those that have exposed legs to create height.

Often try to use items made out of glass or lucite furniture so that light can pass through it. Lighting is also important, and you should stay away from overhead lights that cast top-down lighting and may create shadows in areas. Instead, choose different lamps at different heights that will spread the light throughout the room.  This will definitely help make a small room bigger.

Hidden Storage

You can choose furniture and accompaniments that act as hidden storage. A small room also means that you have limited space for storage. Use an ottoman-cum-coffee-table, choose benches with storage within and bins that also doubles up as stools.


Using stripes to elongate the room, such as with rectangular tiles that are parallel to the length of the room or even using striped rugs will create an illusion of making a small room bigger.