How to Style Pots in Your Home

When it comes to accessorizing your home or office, adding a bit of green is never a bad thing. Plants, especially those that are air purifying make for great additions. Figuring out how to style plants to fit your interior design is the questions. Let’s look at how you can style plants to fit your interior design style and new trends to inspire you.

Pots and Planter Styles

There are numerous ways in which you can style plants to fit your interior design and its as easy as choosing the look of your pots and planters. There are so many! Sleek and modern with hard edges, soft and muted with terracotta, intricate with Asian or Renaissance influences, and much more! Here are some inspirations for your pits and planter choices to style plants to fit your interior design.

From urns, raised planter beds, rail planters, planter pots, window boxes, planter boxes, hanging planters, terrarium, and wall planter. Utilising pots and planter can bring dimensions and a finishing touch to your interior design, whilst also adding finesse to your plants style. Whether it’s with colour, shape, you can easily move the pots and planters around to suit your ever-changing design looks.  The use of pots and planters are not

Whilst these are the types of pots and planters that you can use to style plants to fit your interior design, there are many pot and planter designs that may suit your persona design styles such as the inspirations given below.

Working with Colourful Plants

Working with Different Sizing

Macramé Plant Hangers

Air Plants

Aquaponic Plants

Aquaponics is essentially “a system of aquaculture in which the waste produced by fish or other aquatic creatures supplies the nutrients for plants grown hydroponically, which in turn purify the water.”

They make for such multi purpose means of styling. Check out the following inspirations for your house plants styling.

Credits: joyusgarden, Flickr, Pinterest