Interior Design in Sri Lanka

Interior design in Sri Lanka is not a novel idea moving parallel with architecture. In actuality, there have been many great designers who have transformed the ethos of the world of interior design in Sri Lanka, with their unique styles and looks in transforming a home, hotel and even office.

If we were to go back to ancient history and look at the various kingdoms of Sri Lanka, you will note that there are distinctive styles and designs that shine through.  From the Anuradhapura kingdom though to the last, the Kingdom of Kandy, Sinhalese architecture and interior design flows through in the antiquities and artefacts from those eras. Furthermore, Sri Lankan designs were also greatly influenced by ancient North India and East Asia, along with the introduction of Buddhism into the country which was one of the biggest influencers in architecture and interior design in Sri Lanka.

The Bawa, both Bevis and Geoffrey Bawa were notable players in the world of architecture, landscaping and interior design. Geoffrey Bawa is known for his contribution to the Asian architectural and interior design scene, with notable works of art left behind such as Kandamalama, creating an ethos of tropical modernism interior design in Sri Lanka.

The type of interior design in Sri Lanka is also based on the architecture, but there are many home owners, hotels and offices that have fuse together a happy union between what is called traditional and modern interior design.

In Sri Lanka’s context of traditional interior design, you are likely to see more curved and round edges with wooden, stone or metal interiors from the moldings, furniture and accessories. Often, antiques such a Pettagama, Carved Divans with motif decals, Cane Planter’s Chairs, Burgomaster Chairs, Almira’s and Specimen Tables (displayed below) are greatly used to for interior design in Sri Lanka for the main purpose of decorative purpose. If you are looking at a colonial inspired structure, then adding similar traditional interior design aspects will bring the interior vibe together full-circle.

The same goes for trendy modern homes and offices, where you can expect more straight edges and corners, and similarly find yourself surrounded by furniture and accessories that complement the style aesthetic However, in recent times, it has become a trend to decorate the likes of a minimalist modern home or boutique hotel with such decorative furniture items to bring a sense of history and culture.