Kitchen Accessories for an Amazing Kitchen Renovation Project

Have you been dreaming of the perfect kitchen? That dream is not too far away. With a few tweaks to your original design and kitchen accessories, you can make your dream for an amazing kitchen renovation project a success centred around your practical yet modern kitchen.

One thing that you need to start with when you start your kitchen renovation project is plan out your appliances and where you want to place them. Based on the kitchen layout, the recommendation is that the likes of sink, refrigerator and stove be easily accessible. Some of the most common kitchen layouts are as follows, where based on the space the placement of key kitchen appliances are placed in a practical manner.

After you have your core kitchen appliances placed, you can add where you want to place supplementary appliances such as a dishwasher (somewhere close to the sink), oven, microwave, and locations for the likes of a blender, food processor and perhaps a stand mixer. Now whilst you need a place for all these items, planning your power outlets accordingly goes a long way. You need to know how many you need; the types of voltage they require based on appliances, and also have a few extra so working concurrently on different items for that grand dinner party can go on without a hitch. Also, if you’re choosing to display your power outlets, choosing matching switch plated and outlet covers will bring the entire design full circle. You can match these to the kitchen accessories and appliances or even the paint, countertop or backsplash. If you prefer to not display your power outlets and switches altogether, you can choose to hide them under the cabinetry or inside moulding.

Consider task lighting to help light up areas for functionality. For instance, the countertop can be lit up to make food prep easier.  Another would be under cabinetry lighting to help light up spaces to light up space under the cabinet. You can also incorporate lighting within the cabinetry, such as those with glass shelving as your kitchen accessories.

If you want to hide away bulky appliances, consider adding matching panelling to the likes of the refrigerator and/or dishwasher. You can also conceal the microwave on a shelf with lift-up doors. Similarly, if you have a corner on your countertop dedicated to your kitchen accessories/appliances such as the blender, food processors, you can conceal this area with a lift up door too.

Little kitchen accessories and thoughtful additions will definitely make your kitchen renovation project a home-run!