How to Make your Interior Design Extra Special

If you are doing up your home or office, then there may be a few things you would like to add to your interior design makeover to make your interior design extra special. Here are some ways in which you can add to your architectural interior design finish with some additional furnishing and fittings that will make your interior design extra special, with a touch of surprise and convenience around every corner.


Skylight and Sun Tunnels

If you love the feeling of having the sun in your face, and welcoming the sun’s energy into your home or office with natural lighting that is easy on the eyes, then incorporating the likes of a skylight or even a sun tunnel. Letting natural light in will help with sprucing up dark areas of your home or office and cut down your electricity consumption in the long run. Here are some fabulous designs in which you can incorporate skylights and sun tunnels into your home or office.


Ambience Lighting

There is something about adding “mood” lighting or ambience to a room with the help of some LEDs. Here are some great ways to accent your home or office. This type of lighting is also referred to as “indirect LED lighting”.

Modular Shelving

The great thing about shelves is that it can double up as a feature point while also being practical for organisation and tidiness – we all know how important that is. Having said that, modular shelving has really revolutionised the ease of which this two can be done, with the added possibility of  changing up the design without too much hassle. Here are some ways in which modular shelving can really make your interior design extra special.

Hidden Storage and Furniture Solutions

Staying on the same track as storage and practicality, we have come across some great interior design fitting solutions that will really help in cutting down time as well as repurposing your furniture for dual purposes –who doesn’t like a twofer anyway? Here are some ways in which you can live your best life with these interior fittings.


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