Marquetry and Parquetry Wood Styles

Marquetry and parquetry wood styles done in veneer which have been around for centuries, but if you’re asking yourself what they are, let us help. Marquetry and parquetry are techniques in decorative woodworking that allows for intricate art and designs to show through in the likes of furniture, ornaments and even architectural elements of homes or building spaces. Originating during Roman times, there was a revival during the Renaissance period in Italy. Due to the intricate nature of marquetry and parquetry wood styles, it’s a highly skilled form of woodworking that require special artisans that know the craft to produce these statement pieces. From decorative floors, to statement furniture pieces and accessories, and even doors, marquetry and parquetry wood styles are well revered. Here are some marquetry and parquetry wood styles that have inspired us.

The romanticism of marquetry and parquetry wood styles bring a sense of warmth and comfort into a space with its golden brown hues and shine.