Minimal Houses and Homes

Whilst we did say that minimalism would take a back seat and maximalism will be at the fore fronts, we do live beautiful minimal houses and homes and just can’t get enough of them! Minimalism looks at sleek and modern design with similar colour tones and palettes make for an aesthetic that is soothing and pleasant to the eye. We believe that with the right choices of colour and accents, minimal houses can truly be quite stunning. Here are some of our favourites.

Faulker Architects Minimal Houses and Homes

The soothing lines, expanses spaces with declutter and use of natural resources makes for soothing and minimal houses. Faulker Architects have capture this in one of their residential projects focusing on nude and light tones and mixing it with smart plays of bringing in natural light

Nom Architects

Nom Architects are also minimalist lovers seen in there use of rough and natural resources in K House, that has transformed the space into one that is rustic yet comforting at the same time. Minimal houses and homes these days are becoming more and more attractive, with more storage to organise and place the clutter in
Images by Faulkner and Dezeen