Minimal Interior Design Inspiration from The De Stijl Art Movement

Minimalism and interior design has been around since the early 20th century with the 1920s architecture whereas minimalistic art grew in 1960s.    If you are looking for minimal interior design inspiration, you are looking for a design that is essentially stripped down to only its most-needed elements. You are looking to “doing more with less” where “less is more.”  If you take a space, remove all the unnecessary items, then what you are left with is the bare necessities.

The roots of Minima Interior Designs come from influences from the various design forms such as art, architecture, and culture from the world over. Minimal interior design is influenced from the likes of the De Stijl Art Movement, Architects such as Van Der Rohe, and not to mention traditional Japanese culture & designs.

The art movements that started in the Netherlands in 1917 included a symposium of design people that made it possible. These included designers, architects, painters, sculptors and more. “De Stijl” translates to “The Style” and the movement lasted up until the 1930s.  The De Stijl Art Movement focuses on the use of simplicity and the use of abstract design with just essential colour and form put to use.

The art movement made use lines (vertical and horizontal), rectangular forms, and use of primary colours blue, red and yellow. Furthermore, it allows for the elements in play to stand out individually and not intersect with one another, not to mention the use primary values such as white, black, and grey tones.

With the movement embracing the use of abstract and simplistic design aesthetics. The De Stijl art movement has, in recent times, influenced Scandinavian design greatly and minimalist interior design inspiration with the use of a neutral colour palettes. The term of colour blocking has been used to simplify the mission of the De Stijl art movement, and to utilise them in modern times, such as Yves Saint Laurent making great waves in the fashion world with direct inspiration drawn from the movement.

When it comes to minimalist interior design inspiration in the modern era, the likes of Gaetano Pesce for Meritalia and Soren Rose for Mater are great examples of the De Stijl Art Movement still playing a role in the recent times. The minimalist interior design pieces designed by the interior designers mentioned are sold approximately in the $2000 ranges.

Lacquered sustainable Danish Pine Wood Baseline Pine Edition Armoire by Soren Rose for Mater

La Michetta Small Sofa System by Gaetano Pesce for Meritalia (Italy)


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