Mixing and Matching Tiles and Patterns

The use of tiles dates as far back as 4,000 BC in Egypt where the use of blue tile bricks were popular choices.  Due to its technical characteristics, durability and look the use of tiles were popular back in the day. With time, use of different art forms, colors and patterns can into effect with the likes of mixing and matching tiles and patterns together on a variety of factors for interior design. Sri Lanka, with its history of Portuguese and Dutch rule were very much affected by the use of mixing and matching tiles and patterns. Find out what you should consider when utilizing tiles in your interior design and how you could go about mixing and matching tiles and patterns.            

Matching Tiles of Colour and Pattern

The use of geometric tiles and colour blocking can be used together to complement each other. Usually interior designers opt to use colours within the same colour palette to ensure that it is pleasing on the eye of the beholder. The grout too should be the same colour of the predominant hue. Also, you can opt for the use of colours or patterns to highlight areas of a room, for instance in the likes of a bathroom, the area where the wash basin is  or even inside the shower cubicle.  

Matching Tiles of Different Sizes and Scale

Whilst you can opt for different colours and patterns of matching floor tiles, you can opt to choose different sizes and scales of tiles mixed together, once again to bring focus to specific areas or to differentiate them as well.           

Matching Tiles of Different Materials

There are many materials of tiles available in the market. From ceramic, glass, cement, natural stone, and porcelain. You can opt to mix and match different tiles of different materials together to work well together. For instance, glass and natural stone tiles go well together. This is because glass reflects light whilst natural stone absorbs it, creating a unique look.

Matching Tiles of Different Textures

Textures, whether it’s smooth, rough or rather gloss or matt are viable questions when deciding on the area in which the tiles will be used.  You can combine the two quite similarly to make certain areas stand out.

How do you plan on making a statement by using matching tiles for your interior design project. Let us at RM Perera (Pvt) Ltd make the process easier for you. 

Image Credits: Daisie Beck, Hafary, Heart Home Magazine, G&B