Modular Furniture inspired by Scandinavian Design

There are many reasons why you would want the ease of modular furniture. One would be the simplicity of selecting from a range of pre-designed furniture and selecting the ones that fit into the desired spaces of your home.  Modular furniture essentially involves different constructed units or modules that can either be pieced together or stand alone on its own. The different units of modular furniture can also be fitted with different design variations to make up a cohesive unit of furniture that fits perfectly into the desired space with ease.

The ease of modular furniture, especially those inspired by Scandinavian design, can be seen greatly with uses of modular type kitchens or even wardrobes/closets, and different types of storage solutions.  So, why is modular furniture so easy? There are a few reasons!

Smart Space Planning:  Modular furniture is ideal for the smallest of spaces, and ensuring that space utilization is maximized. With smart storage options based on the correct layouts and design for the given spaces, modular furniture can truly make choosing furniture and accessories a breeze when interior designing your home.

Transparent Pricing: As each component of modular furniture, each module has its own pricing based on the finishes, accessories and materials used for its construction.            

Hygienic: Most modular furniture is constructed with materials that are hygienic and often applied with treatments for termite or liquid resistance.  

Easy Repairs: One of the great things about modular furniture is the ease of being able to repair elements if needed. You are able to remove and fix certain elements or replace them with new modules. 

RM Perera has introduced a new line of modular furniture to the Sri Lankan design market inspired by Scandinavian designs. The new line named Shiloh offers a great selection of home furniture pieces that can fit into any home big or small given the space you are allowed.

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