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The CRIB office interior is a fusion interior design concept that was designed and built by RM Perera mixing the formal and informal styles cohesively.

The reception counter is a modern design with MDF painted white mixed with beautiful teak veneer panels that juts out/in at a higher level to act as hand rests for customers. The reception counter is backed by a sleek-looking storage unit at the back. We added miniature indoor plants to bring out life and colour to the environment.

All office tables were done with 3 types of imported melamine boards called “teak”, “jungle teak” and “white”. The “White” and one of the timber finished melamine boards were mixed to create a sophisticated and modern look that’s not very typical of a government institution.

The chairman’s office, board room tables, arches, doors, and wall panelling were done out of imported veneer to give out a more polished and exclusive look.

To take away the monotony of a formal look of the waiting area we introduced a gorgeous blue Scallop-y Sofa that steals away the show by sitting right at the heard of the waiting area.

  • Date: 12 July 2016
  • Author Name: admin