Powder Rooms – What are they and How to Style Your Home

The name “Powder Room” is not a well-known term in Asia, but in the west, it is what is used to describe a half-bath(room) which is essentially a room that consists of a sink and toilet but not a shower or bathtub. If you were to break it down (for the sake of knowledge) a three-quarter bath is what is used to describe a room that includes a shower along with the sink and toilet, and a full bath includes a sink, toilet, bathtub and a showerhead over it. The primary use of powder rooms is usually for the exclusive use of guests where a shower or bath would generally not be needed but for the purpose of what is politely called the need to “powder one’s nose”.

If we were to break it down and explain the concept of powder rooms, what they are and how to style your home to feature the likes of a powder room, if you have a small space in your home that is unused but is somewhat larger than a closet, you can easily convert it to a powder room. Usually, a powder room is located for convenient access to guests and often does not necessarily need to have a window. The fact that this room will almost always be reserved for use by guests, you are able to design it any way you like without the need for it to match the aesthetic of the rest of your home.

Some ways in which you can truly make your powder room shine is with the choice of colour, pattern and accessories you choose. With powder rooms, you can easily create bold statements; you need not follow the aesthetic of the rest of your home. Some of the ways in which you can style your home’s powder room is with the likes of the following style options.

  1. Choosing bold patterned tiles
  2. Open concept plans for shelving/storage
  3. Add a statement accessory such as a pendant light or bold sink
  4. Choose a sculptural mirror
  5. Mosaic tiling for the walls
  6. Floor to ceiling tiling
  7. Opting for gold accents
  8. Adding rusting touches
  9. Opt for contrast and dark hues
  10. Incorporate farm styles

If you opt to keep these styling choices for powder rooms in mind, the way you style your home will be right on trend with popular powder rooms the world over.

Image: HeardHome, Knotting Hill Interiors/Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles, Pinterest