RM Perera Presents the Decor Amore Minimal Furniture

R.M. Perera (Pvt) Ltd has been in business for over four decades, creating spaces that transform life with quality woodwork and finishing. As the world evolves and changes to trends and price points, Décor Amore, a fully owned subsidiary of R.M. Perera was created to product quality products to promote minimalistic interior design styles that are much sought after.  In this blog post, we present the Minimal Furniture offered under Décor Amore.

The Minimal Furniture series offered by Décor Amore focuses on three core principles; Modern, Minimalist, and Affordable. The minimalist, modern and affordable furniture series focuses on different wood finishes such as oak, walnut, maple, and monochrome finishes.

Oak Elegance Minimal Furniture

Be it for your bedroom, living space or even your office, adding the Oak Elegance Minimal Furniture to your living spaces.

Walnut Charm Minimal Furniture

These dark toned wood finish bedroom space minimal furniture pieces are ideal for a cosy and warm feel.

Maple Beauty Minimal Furniture

The Maple Beauty minimal furniture pieces are inspired by Nordic designs that blend light tones and white to create a soothing look to your living and bedroom spaces. Mix and match these minimal furniture designs to transform your room.

Monochrome Minimal Furniture

For a modern feel, that utilizes black and gray tones to create a monochromatic design, these minimal furniture pieces are ideal for a bedroom, living space or even an office design setting.

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