Set your Corporate Interior Design apart with Bookshelves and Bookcases

The corporate world, whilst predominately lies safely within the neutrals of blacks, whites, grays and beiges. However, you will find that there are many rooms within corporate interior design that requires warmth, colour and life to invite more prosperity. Having said this, we look at how you can transform specific rooms in your corporate office design to turn items into conversation and statement pieces whilst also delivering on functionality. We look at the likes of bookshelves, bookcases, and not forgetting wall storage to look for ways on how to set your corporate interior design apart with a little help from RM Perera, your trusted providers in interior design solutions in Sri Lanka.


Take away cubicle life and consider lining your walls with bookshelves and including sideboards as separators in the middle of your room. If you are considering bookshelves, be inspired by the following bookshelf with its green materials and simplistic corporate interior design.



An ideal choice for areas with high traffic or even in the likes of a director’s or senior manager rooms, the likes of the following bookcase design inspiration for a corporate interior design would be ideal. It brings warmth along with due storage measure, especially to someone who appreciates reading.



Wall Storage

If you are after wall storage, then choose RM Perera’s Modular Collection of corporate interior design furniture solutions to mix and match the cupboard choices to fit your office interior.