Sri Lankan Classic Interior Design Styles Explained

They say that the classics never go out of style, and that is the truth in many cases, be it fashion or interior design. When it comes to classic interior design styles in Sri Lanka, we tend to look at our heritage as well as influences. We look at prestigious architects that have made an impact in Sri Lanka, as well a look at other influences of classic designs that have made an impact on how interior design is styled to inspire you on your journey to find the right interior design styles that suits your personality the best.

Bawaism Interior Design Styles

Bawa’s interior design style and architectural style orbited around the concept of Tropical Modernism, which come to think of it, is a beautiful blend between humans and nature. The concept is that whilst including elements of openness and sunlight, you can include plants and trees into the design. Fusing together many design inspirations, from the East and West, as well as traditional and modern designs, it evokes a sense of style that is exotic but welcoming. Many a home and boutique hotels have taken to instil Sri Lankan classic interior design styles that have been inspired by Bawa’s tropical modernism spin.

Colonial Rule Inspired Interior Design Styles

Sri Lanka, home to many inspirations, was under rule of the Portuguese, the Dutch and lastly, the British. Most colonial homes and/or boutique hotels feature white walls, with dark stained wood finishes, intricate lattice window frames, and antique furniture coupled with plush upholstery. The colour palette sways towards minimalism, with dark or light tones, and you may find brass or copper décor items greatly used, especially in the case of using them as planters.

Sleek Contemporary Interior Design Styles

Instilling sleek design and lines, with bold colours, you will find contemporary design is also greatly appreciated in sunny Sri Lanka. Steel beams meshed with expanse glass windows, there are many ways in which modern and contemporary interior design styles have been done. Find your inspiration on elements, and fuse them together without overcrowding a space. Playful and bold art, statement light fixtures and furniture speaks volumes in terms of design styles that have a contemporary flair. If you are not a fan of bold and bright colours, but love a good contemporary style, then look for styling such as with gallery walls, floor to ceiling bookshelves that resonate with the look of a New York townhouse design! The fact of the matter is, if you were to go through each of these classic interior design styles, you would notice that there is a common denominator. It’s the fact that it is elegant, it is thoughtful and it is that it tastefully done!