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The Artisan Trend of Interior Design

For Sri Lankans, intricate designs were part of many an ancestral homes or “Waluwas.” Delicate and detailed masterpieces, carefully handcrafted by artisans, honing the skills or art and finesse, these individual works of beauties are a lost form in the modern world! While the Western World, seek out the touch of handmade beauty over mass-produced off-the-shelf furniture,  the trends in the Sri Lankan interior design world too have jumped on the bandwagon to re-embrace the artisan trend.

Anantaya Pasikuda Room Details with Artisan Trends


Handmade products often hold sentimental value, and demands respect, for the time, effort, and patience put into its every detail. With the artisan trend of furniture, you should take one-step further and respect the artistry and the skill that gives a piece of furniture life. The passion of the artist has flown through their creativity and skill from their body and left a mark in wood, in a lasting memory.

As the artisan trend of interior design looks at a broad spectrum of woodwork that has been touched by woodwork and carpentry artists, based on the finish, there are various names used today. From shabby chic to rustic to refined, there is a broad spectrum of what can be fitted into the artisan trend, based on the styling of the end –product, be it vintage and rustic to modern and sophisticated.

Artisan inspire woodwork used as wall decorative pieces at Anantaya Paskuda

Artisanal crafts can be done in a variety of means, from the inspirations to the materials being used. Over the centuries, with the popularity of modern furniture design trends in Sri Lanka, not many residences have yearned for the styling of intricate and antique designs. However, with the interior design world embracing the fusion of antique with sophistication, the artisan trend in Sri Lanka is making a comeback.

At RM Perera, we have a love affair with wood and love honing our heritage and ancestral skill to create masterpieces for our clientele. Whether you are looking for a series of artisan furniture for your hotel interior design, such as our recent Anantaya Pasikuda project, or adding a statement piece to your office interiors or home, you will know when you see our passion in the quality of our work.\r\n


Artisan Inspired Wooden Columns at Anantaya Pasikuda