Tips for Styling your Bedroom Space

When it comes to styling your bedroom space, we have a few tips in mind. Check them out!

Tips for Styling your Bedroom Nightstand

Your bedroom nightstand is a much needed space so that you are able to not only make it functional for what is necessary for your bedside area, but also to make it clean but also personal. After all, your nightstand may be the last thing you see before bed and the first thing you see after waking. So why not jazz it your perfection? Look for a medium sized lamp, and also personalized items such as your favourite book(s), a tray for trinkets that you like to keep next to you, or even some art. Make the arrangement organic or in a triangular array. Don’t forget to leave some space for your personal items too.

Tips for Styling your Bedroom Side Table

When it comes to choosing a side table for a nook in your bedroom, ideally next to an armchair,   the way style the side table will need to look nice but also functional. You can curate items to style your bedroom side table with a few homely pieces, be it a book or a few, a cluster of small candles at different heights, and even a plant or a few. The art of styling your bedroom side table would be not clutter. You can opt for the rule of 3 if they are at different height/sizes, if not you can opt to choose one that is a certain size. The rule is to reduce clutter and also have functional room to place items on the side table such as drinks.

Tips for Styling Your Bedroom Space with Lighting

Light is such an important aspect to bring balance to your home, especially as it gets darker. The ambience of the right choice of lighting for your bedroom will truly be better for it when you add more lighting options rather than just rely on a overhead light fixture in the center of your bedroom. With the likes of a floor lamp placed in a corner or next to a reading nook can make quite the difference in ambience and aura. Using it in different areas of the room, be it the nightstand, or a sconce over the bed, it will brighten the room.

Tips for Styling your Bedroom Art

If you are looking to liven up your bedroom with some artwork, there are a few ways in which you can style and hang your artwork. It Could be one large artwork that spans the width of your bed, or you can have complementing dual artwork to hang next to each other in the same space above the head. These can be landscape pieces or portrait ones  so that they rely on a central focal point over the headboard.