Tips for Styling your Bookshelves

Every household or even an office should have bookshelves, whether it’s floating or solid. They act as great addition to empty walls and bring in a feeling of warmth.

Start with anchor pieces, like books.  Spread them evenly on the shelves. To add variety, lay some vertically and some horizontally.  Fill the spaces the books with decorative pieces. Candle and vases work great as book decor. Add some bookends if you have them. Add texture with fun, decorative objects. Add frames to the shelves for height and dimension. Throw in vases and plant for even more texture. Fill in empty spaces with varying heights. Add more plants, fill in more empty spaces with smaller vases and candles, and create movement with items of various heights.

Other ways to organise your books would be displaying your books vertically with placement of the books with the dip, big to little, little to big, bookend books, or the mix of it all with addition of accents.

If you’re designing a nook with shelves, then The White Interior’s tips to decorate shelves in a minimalist way is a good way to go!

How do YOU like to style your bookshelves! Let us know!

Images by, TheWhiteInterior, Pinterest