Doing up a Tropical Modern Interior Design Style in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka’s interior design aesthetic has progressively maintained a very localized but edgy theme in the last few decades, with the help of esteemed masters of designs imparting their vision for interior design style in Sri Lanka and leaving behind a plethora of interior design inspirations. One being the journey of tropical modern interior design in Sri Lanka which essentially infuses the locality’s abundance of tropical foliage with modern design trends, making for a cohesive, stunning yet simplistic interior design style aesthetic that could easily be yours!

A great way to embody the soul that is a tropical modern design is finding comfort and relaxation with minimalism and nature. Whilst your furniture can be a twist of modern pieces or traditional classics, the point to keep in mind would be, ensure that you do not clutter and you add your decorative elements using a plethora of indoor plants that brings the tropical living aesthetic full circle. Ideal choices for indoor plants include the likes of the spider plant, jade plant, snake plant (an ideal choice for vertical growth and easy for maintenance), grape ivy, Chinese evergreen, Norfolk island pine, fiddle leaf fig plant, money plant, peace lily, aloe vera, or oversized plants such as Monstera Deliciosa, palms or banana plants.

Oversized pots made with natural finishes or with minimalistic lines, can highlight the use of tropical plants in the indoors, the outdoor areas or flower beds, the use of shrubbery plants or ferns are ideal. The idea is to create a lush tropical oasis.

Another way of incorporating a tropical modern interior design style in Sri Lanka is with the help of open floor concept spaces and natural lighting with vision of the outdoor tropical greenery. The use of siding floor to ceiling windows can easily tie in nature with the indoors, and not only double your floor space aesthetic.

When decorating your tropical modern interior design space, focusing on natural elements is the way to go to tie into the green/eco-friendly landscape vision. The following are some principles to keep in mind when doing up a space with a tropical modern interior design style in Sri Lanka. 1) Balance the elements of clean lines and textures, 2) Contrast the elements for soft/hard looks that complement one another, 3) focus on simplicity when decorating the space, 4) attention to detail where it matters, especially with the tropical feel , and 5) open up the space with the smart building concepts.