Upholstered Furniture Inspirations that RM Perera Furniture Designers Can Customise For You

In the past, in our Design and Inspirations Blog Posts, we have looked at a variety choices that we at RM Perera (Pvt) Ltd can design and manufacture for you, be it your home or commercial project. Today, we look at some beautiful upholstered furniture design inspirations that the in-house furniture designers at RM Perera can customise for you.

Upholstery brings a sense of comfort and luxury to a room’s ambience. With the right choice of fabric, the perfect pairing of trims and accessories, your room can be easily transformed to something sophisticated and classy with just upholstered furniture. Upholstered furniture means that the frame of the furniture, be it a chair, sofa or even a stool, have extra cushioning with the likes of foam and thereafter enclosed or covered with a choice of fabric or even leather. Some of the furniture can be made out of different types of material; the likes of wood, metal or even cane/wicker are popular choice. In some instances, springs are also added to the upholstered seats to give an added level of comfort. Let us break down the different styles of upholstered furniture that are available in the market.

Upholstered furniture can range from any size of sofa –single sofas, double seater sofas, triple seater sofas, love seats, couches, ottomans, to living room chairs, dining room chairs and more. Depending on the selection of fabric against the style of the furniture base/frame, and upholstery design/patterns and trims, there are many looks and finishes that we at RM Perera can help with your upholstered furniture inspirations and us as furniture designer can bridge the gap for you.

Chaise Lounge | Upholstered Furniture Inspirations

Armchairs | Upholstered Furniture Inspirations

Dining Chairs | Upholstered Furniture Inspirations


Bar & Counter Stools | Upholstered Furniture Inspirations

Ottoman | Upholstered Furniture Inspirations

Stools | Upholstered Furniture Inspirations

Sofas | Upholstered Furniture Inspirations

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