Walk In Pantry versus Pantry Cupboards

Firstly, let us get down to definitions. A walk in pantry is known as a small room or space, often a nook within proximity of the kitchen, which will have customized and purposeful shelving and not to mention inserts based on what you plan on housing in it. A pantry cupboard refers to a few shelves and pullout drawers within a cabinet that will house your pantry items. Whether you are a designing your new home or doing a kitchen redesign, trying to figure out if you want to carve out a defined space for a walk in pantry or will you utilize a few kitchen cabinets as your pantry cupboards, we are here to help you decide.

The Basics of Setting up a Walk In Pantry

You need the space for it, but how much space you want to allocate for your walk in pantry is up to you. Also, a walk in pantry can be oriented in different ways and shapes; be it a straight rectangle space, a square, L-shaped, or even U- shaped based on what is available to you.     As a general rule of thumb, if you are looking for counters for your walk in pantry set aside 600mm for the counters/benchtops, and 300mm for the shelving itself. Maintain 1000mm-1200mm for the walkways within your walk in pantry, and if you are thinking about keeping large appliances such as a fridge or freezer, sink or even microwave, a good size walk in pantry would be 2.4m x 3m. This type of walk in pantry is also referred to as a butler’s pantry in many parts of the world.  

As your walk in pantry is a purposeful and functional space, which is to store the likes of your grocery goods, appliances and various things that would have cluttered your kitchen space, open shelving and plenty of drawers for organization.

The Basics of Setting up Pantry Cupboards

When you set up pantry cupboards, what you need is a few cabinets from the kitchen or even some open shelving solutions are ideal. What we would recommend is setting up your pantry area based on your greatest uses. For instance, organize sauces, spices and oils closer to the stove for easy access, set up a baking pantry cupboard for all your baking needs, and store your pots/pans accordingly as well. If you are setting up pantry cupboards, make sure its 400mm-600mm in depth, whereas shelving could be at least 300mm for easier access.

There is nothing wrong with either one, should you have the space, a walk in pantry allows for better organization, more storage and less clutter in the kitchen. However, should you opt to double up your kitchen cabinets as pantry cupboards, with great organization tools and tricks, you can make the best of the space you have.