Wall Mirrors and Designs Inspirations to Make Over your Space

Ever since its invention in the mid-18th century by Justus von Liebig, German chemist, modern day mirrors have been the part of households since. Prior to that, people would use pools of water or the likes of polished bronze or obsidian to see their reflection. Mirrors used in households were mostly for personal grooming, starting from the small handheld mirrors to those that are full sized much like the popular cheval mirror. However, with modern times, the ways mirrors have grown with art, architecture and design choices of the homes itself. Let’s look at the different types of wall mirrors and designs over the years.

Antique Wall Mirrors

Many antique wall mirrors hold decorative and gilded frames, some featuring art such as those crated by Robert Adam.

Baroque Wall Mirrors

Georgian Wall Mirrors

Rococo Wall Mirrors

Venetian Wall Mirrors

Empire and Federal Style Wall Mirrors

Regency and Biedermeier-Style Wall Mirrors

Arch Wall Mirrors

Black and Gold Wall Mirrors

Oval Wall Mirrors

Floor Wall Mirrors

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The above design inspirations are courtesy of Pinterest, West Elm, Harman’s Oak Furniture, Exclusive Mirrors UK, Downtown Interiors UK, Art Fund Org, Maus Park Antiques