What Makes an Eco-Friendly Sustainable Housing Design?

More often than not, you may find yourself asking “what makes an eco-friendly sustainable housing design?” With more and more homes racking up electricity bills trying to stay cool in the heat, the reason why you may have been put on this train of thought would be too keep your costs down. Another reason would be, is there a way in which you could build your dream home without causing too much harm to the environment.  We have a few ideas on what makes an eco-friendly sustainable housing design.

The purpose of designing and building an eco-friendly sustainable housing design is to make sure that the residents are able to lower their environmental impacts by minimizing wastage and utilizing natural resources made available to the fullest. These include the use of natural lighting and solar (possibly with battery energy), solar water heating systems, and use of various sustainable or smart technological accessories that will aid managing your resources better.

Water Conservation

One of the one most sought after eco-friendly sustainable housing design features would be with regards to water conservation. There are a number of ways in doing so. Rainwater collection would be the simplest means of including water conservation as part of an eco-friendly sustainable housing design, as it means hooking up gutters to a rainwater-harvesting tank. This can be used for gardening or even car washing. Another means would be with low flush or duel flush toilets, or even opt for compostable toilets to opt for a truly eco-friendly sustainable housing design.  

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency has always been one of the main factors in an eco-friendly sustainable housing design with many homes using natural lighting as much as possible to reduce energy usage. Skylights and expanse open window and open area concepts are great ways in which can be used. Not only are skylights great for daylight but also work well with moonlight too.

Other means of energy efficiency, is utilizing solar panels to generate electricity to power your home. This paired with energy efficient lighting (LED lighting) and ENERGY STAR rated electronic appliances and fittings. You can also reduce your energy costs for lighting at night, with the help of solar garden lighting that charges during the day and utilizes the saved power in the nighttime. Utilizing inverter systems as well as energy efficient windows/glass can also help with your energy efficiency measures too.

Furthermore, if you are looking for other ways in which you can reuse and recycles resources, with the use of repurposes wood such as with plywood and MDF, which is recycled wood composite. Also ,quartz countertops and terrazzo flooring also consists of recycled materials too. These are just a few ways in which you can put together an eco-friendly sustainable housing design. Get in touch with RM Perera (Pvt) Ltd to find out other ways