Why Home Storage Is a Necessity

When we plan for a home or office, we prioritize on room space but do we have enough space for storage and to have a clutter free life? There are so many reasons why home storage is a necessity to ensure that you have space to store your belongings so that a surface or chair in a corner of a room doesn’t become a temporary stacking point.

You might put the storage space once the spaces are completed, but have you considered how many items need their own place? In this blog post, we look at home storage based on their purpose and also  the specific rooms.

Bedroom Home Storage

Consider getting yourself home storage for not just for your clothes and accessories, but also for your lines to ensure that there is a steady access to items such as bedsheets, towels and other that are needed for respective rooms. For example, if you have a designated home storage for them, you would have less time looking for them when you have chores. It’s about working smarter, not harder.

Also, having a walk in close for your clothes and accessories can be considered a necessity. Positioning walk in closet close to your bathroom is also smart home design.

Bathroom Home Storage

The same applies for bathrooms. From toilet paper supplies, and towels or even cleaning supplies for easier tidying up can make for a world of difference. A designated place for home storage can help you organise your things better for a stress and clutter free life.

Main Floor Home Storage

Your main floor will have the likes of your garage, a mud room or back foyer,  which are standard home storage choices but have you also considered setting aside a large closet space for your different home items that are only utilized at certain times. For example, Christmas decorations, swimming floaties and other equipment, party decorations and more. Thinking of the different items you own and finding the right place for these things in specific home storage areas will make sense at the end of the day.

Foyer storage whether it’s the front of the house or the back, is important to with proper home storage space for the likes of shoes, hats, umbrellas and caddies for the likes of car keys and loose change. Basically, whatever is needed for a quick outdoor rush.

Another area to define within your home is the laundry room. Setting aside space for your laundry machines, hampers, drying and folding spaces and not to mention a temporary space to keep your dry and folded laundry will be a godsent.

Kitchen Storage

Your pantry  is an important part of any home, with home storage for extra food items, and not to mention appliances and other items that is not used on the regular.