Work from Home Office Setups

With COVID-19 safety regulations and the majority of the globe have to work from home, you may have been considering how best to set up your work from home office to ensure that you and your family members have a designated space to work (or even learn from home during these trying times.

If you already have your own office space at home, then we have a few tips to make it the ideal setting for your work from home office setup for your working hours and ensuring that your productivity is at its peak. All you need to get started with your work from home office setup are the basics such as a designated space, a good table for your workspace, a sturdy, comfortable chair and at the right height, a space for your computer or laptop, and not to mention a good internet connection. 

Look for Unused Space

The best place if you don’t have a designated office room or area, look around for unused space or nook that would be the ideal setting for your new work from office space. For instance, if you have space between two walls, then squeeze in a table the length of the space or even a floating desk to instantly transform it. 

Add a Spot of Colour

They say that colour has a great impact on productivity levels. When it comes to working from home, productively and overall wellbeing is especially important and incorporating spots of colour can be a welcome addition to your work from home office setup. Do it with some shelf items or a colourful poster or print. 

Go Green with Plants

In the past year, many of us have welcome the idea of green thumb projects as we can commit to it and is a great welcome addition to making over your space and also a s mental health activity. Plant some seeds and watch it grow!

Make it Minimalistic

Having a clean and tidy space with minimal objects and a designated space for your items can be a helpful way to induce productivity with a work from home office setup. Consider proper organization tools and not to mention drawers and baskets to ensure everything has a home so that your mind is worry-free and welcoming of new ideas and thoughts.

Image Credit: firstforwomen